LinkedIn is a social networking website that is specifically for the business people and community. The main purpose of this platform is to allow members who are completely registered to establish and documents networks of people they know and trust professionally. LinkedIn account thereby allows users to reach out to people who have a similar interest in business with them. To enjoy all these functions you will need to have a LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn Account - How To Sign Up For LinkedIn Account

Having a LinkedIn account you will get access to a LinkedIn profile page. Which emphasizes skills, education and employment history. Which also has a professional network feeds and a limited number of customized modules. Membership for LinkedIn is free and the members there are called connections. Which differ from other social network sites like Facebook or Twitter. If you have not gotten an account with LinkedIn and you are a business person. You need to get it in other to promote your business and improve the productivity of your business. By learning from professionals online your business will boom.

Benefits Of LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn can be a social network by which quite 255 million users and thousands of companies use it. It differs from social networks like Facebook or MySpace. As a result of its main goal is to assist professionals from all sectors to seek out alternative professionals. Also get up-to-date with them, generate business and expand contacts altogether directions. Below are some edges of LinkedIn account;

Blog regarding what you know:

This platform permits users to publish journal posts. And also gain the possibility to possess their content scan by thousands. Revealed posts can show abreast of your profile. Which might increase your quality in fields that are relevant to your expertise.

Find a Job:

With the rise of users, LinkedIn has full-grown a Hiring Platform and is widely recruits by each employer and staff. It allows its users to hunt or seek for employment.


LinkedIn is a usual network with people and organizations effectively. Company pages keep you updated with the recent advancements and provides you additional concepts to assist you better your business.

A Reader’s Platform:

A platform for users to scan and write content which can facilitate them in their vocation. However,  topics sometimes coated are associates with business fields particularly selling. Also  Business Development, Finance, HR, Social Media, and alternative connected activities vital for your business.

How To Sign Up For LinkedIn Account

If you will like to create your LinkedIn account or you want to join the LinkedIn community there are some steps that will help you to create an account simply follow the steps I will list below:

  • Go to Using your web browser.
  • Enter your first and last name, your email address and number you wish to use.
  • Click on join now.
  • Input your phone number for verification by selecting your country first.
  • Complete any additional step as applied by the network

Now you can get into your LinkedIn account. You can now manage your profile and start connecting to people and groups. Note: You must use your real name to create your account. Therefore, make sure to remember your password in case you want to sign in to your account