LinkedIn Learning: Online Training Courses

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LinkedIn Learning offers courses to help its members to learn about business, software, technology, and other creative skills to help them achieve their professional goals. It creates an excellent product and very easy to follow modules. With this learning platform, you can learn and get experience about your business and also get a lot of innovations using LinkedIn learning.  In terms of quality, it’s good. Most of the courses will give you very good knowledge so that you can get started working with the system. There is a good amount of diversity. You will find good enough courses there.  It’s a platform and you have to watch the videos and learn from them.

LinkedIn Learning: Online Training Courses

LinkedIn Learning provides its members with added value in the form of recommendations that are personalized for their based on their profile, their professional network, the company they work for, and others. There is also a better integration on the platform with the content itself so when they learn new skills from taking a course, members have the option to easily add those skills to their various profiles.

This platform allows people to take advantage of not only soft skills and technical training but photography training and anything that interests them. LinkedIn Learning costs $30 per month, but those with a premium subscription to LinkedIn will get the service automatically. In the future, the company will open up an enterprise option that supports multi-person licensing. You can also get a free month trial which you will pay $24 per/month, yearly.

Benefit Of Learning on The Platform

LinkedIn Learning combines industry-leading content with personalized course recommendations based on insights from LinkedIn’s network. It has a lot of benefits for its users. The following are some benefits you can get from using LinkedIn learning:

  1. LinkedIn learning helps with personalized learning that suits you. if you already have skills on your profile, it is easier to find important courses. And it enables you to get recommendations for the skills which you will like to master.
  2. You will get online courses, classes, training, and tutorials covering different businesses, and technical and creative skills. And all this will help develop your knowledge in what you are doing.
  3. It gives you analytics that keep you informed about your progress and how much knowledge you have adopted, your level of engagement, and more.

LinkedIn Learning has many positive benefits it can offer to you. I just listed a little of it based on what benefit I got from the platform so far.

How To Access LinkedIn Learning

This platform enables you to search for more information about your business by learning from other business experts through searching on your profile. To access LinkedIn learning so you can start learning about your professional business and get knowledge about your business follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account.
  • Tap on the Work icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the learning icon.
  • Tap on history to check on the course you are following. And if you haven’t followed anyone yet tap on add to select the course you wish to learn on.
  • Locate the course you wish to add to your profile, and tap adds to profile.

Currently, there is no option to remove and delete your learning history. Therefore if you want to delete your learning history, kindly contact LinkedIn.