Linkedin is the most effective social networking platform that for professional networking service for clients and business owners. A user makes use of this platform to search and connect with a business owner and offers online. Every day millions of professionals are using this portal to share their experience, opinions and perspectives on a wide variety of topic.

LinkedIn Sign In was created in 2002 and launched on May 5, 2003. It has over 106million active user and is also available in 24 different languages. This makes it easy for users who doesn’t understand English to easily communicate on in their language. This portal is not just a website where professionals can showcase what they have. But it is also an avenue for jobs opportunities for those who are actually looking for a job. LinkedIn has both free and premium version. Users can start with a free account and later upgrade to the premium according to their requirement.

Features of LinkedIn Page

There lots of intersecting sections and features on this great social platform. This is a very simple social platform with a nice and unique interface and tabs such as.

  • Interest.
  • Jobs.
  • My network.
  • Business services.
  • Try premium for free.

A user can access this menus and tabs when the sign up for an account on LinkedIn. A user can always start by creating a free account which can later be upgraded to premium. Let take a look at the steps in LinkedIn sign up.

How to Sign up For LinkedIn Account

Users need to create an account that will provide the sign in detail that will enable the users to access his or her account. These are steps given below.

  1. Go to on your web browser.
  2. After that, a page will pop up that indicate either you should sign in or create an account which ic the sign up process. Click on create account icon.
  3. When the sign up page shows you will see some boxes that indicate your personal information.
  4. Enter your first name, last name, valid email address, and enter a password that you can easily remember. It must be at least six letters.
  5. Then click on “join now” to create your own account.

Once you have completed the LinkedIn sign up process you can always access your account. below is the LinkedIn sign in steps to help users sign in to their account.

How do i Sign into My LinkedIn Profile

After the user has created an account which is the sign up steps above. The user can always sign in using the sign in detail which is the email ID and password you entered when signing up. A user can also complete his or her profile which will help them meet the people you want to work with. Below is the LinkedIn sign in steps.

  1. Open your web browser and enter the url as on the web address bar section of your browser.
  2. Enter your email ID in the first feed for email and password in the second feed.
  3. Make sure the password is correct to avoid some sign in issues.
  4. Then click on the sign in icon to access your account.

Signing in give users access to their existing account. With the above step any user who has a LinkedIn account can sign into his or her account. There is no restriction on a web browser in as much the user has the correct sign in informations.

Linkedin Sign In issues

This is for a user who has find it so difficult to access their account even when they try  the LinkedIn sign in steps above. There are possible cause for errors or failure to sign to your account. This could be as a result of.

  • Wrong or incorrect password.
  • Incorrect or wrong  email address.

This is the two Information you need to access your account. Most times users account most have been hacked and changes must have been made to his or her password. That why it’s advisable not to share your sign in information with anyone including your relatives.

It can be that the user forget what his or her password is. User should make sure he or she make use of password  that can easily be remembered. Duo there is also an option where user can reset his or her LinkedIn sign in password right from the sign in page.

This is just under the sign in box’s where users enter their sign in information. You can click on the forgot password icon to run a password recovery. This is by entering your email address you use in Signing up and then click on the submit icon to get the password recovery link on you mail box.