Live Telecast – How to Watch Live Telecast Web Series

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Are you a lover of Horror Movies, then try to watch Live telecast; the latest Indian film produced last year with a lot of tension and thrillers.  It series was written and produced by Venkat Prabhu. It was premiered by Disney + Honey in February last year with the usage of four people as the lead role. The film wheel around Jennifer Matthew and her production crew who reside in a house mainly for shooting a TV Reality show. However, things go in a bad way as they were trapped down by ghosts and stucked in the house. The show however is called a Tamil talk show which is used by the common people to talk of their intimate family issues.  The show host however has no empathy for guests who have opened about the worst experience. He came into the film with a gleam of joy which negated the dark side of the film.

The film was duplicated in different languages mainly Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Bengali, and Marathi and it had only seven episodes for the first season.  Live Telecast concentrated on the team going to a success party of a show called Dark Tales where everyone was introduced to one another. The writer had a flare with Selma but he could not summon the courage to speak with the girl (Selma).


The director had a relationship with Shekhar but she mischievously cheated by having a relationship with a model which he was later caught by her wife, and the wife filed for a divorce. On the other hand, Ashwin loves Jenny, and he confessed to her but the girl bluntly refused her request.  The Film genre is Horror and 60%  of people like this fictional movie and it is still counting.

In a nutshell, A girl decided to capture a ghost and live broadcast it on her TV station which is plan B, and everything turn bad as the ghost appear and the actor who performed the role of a ghost got possessed, and the people were locked in the room. It is now left for them to unravel the next move for them to be saved.

Is There A Season Two Of Live Telecast?

The film has just season 1 for now and nothing has been spoken about the season two.

Casts And Characters

The film featured fourteen people who were used as the cast for the season film. There are Jennifer Matthew, Shekhar, Kalaivaani, DOP Ashwin, VJ Aravind, Shenbagam, ACP Guru, Michael Arphutharaj, Bingil Sathya, China (ghost), Diva, and so on.

How To Download Live Telecast For Free

With the use of the Disney + Hotstar App, you can easily watch Live telecasts for free but you need the internet too,  without the internet the downloading of the series with the app will not be complete.

In downloading the seasonal film for free, here are the steps to it.

  • Open the Hotstar App on your phone
  • Search live telecast series
  • Open the series to watch
  • Download the series on your phone device or laptop
  • Choose video quality
  • Be patient for some minutes for the download to complete
  • Immediately the series has finished downloading, you are liable to watch the film for free

Benefits Of Becoming A Vip Subscriber In Disney + Hotstar

  • You will be able to watch new film that has just been release within few minutes
  • However, you get to watch latest Indian film release around 6:00am with premium subscription
  • You get to watch new Hollywood films with ads free and series premiere

Also, You enjoy live sport with Hot star premium. Meanwhile, you will be able  to enjoy Marvel and Avengers film in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu