LiveXLive – Why Can’t I Stream Music & Video live x live App Free

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There are so many music platforms on the net today. One of which is LiveXLive which provides music for streaming, audio combination and videos. Though some of these videos are often live videos. Aside from streaming of music and videos, you can also share customized music stations on Livx platform either through the use of the website or the mobile app. On LiveXLive, wherever you want to access it on, you can stream Live performances from worlds greatest shows and festivals. You also do not have to sign up to watch videos on the site. But you need an account in order to save contents to all devices and have a profile of your own. Gladly, the sign up is free.

LiveXLive - Why Can't I Stream Music & Video live x live App Free

Furthermore, LiveXLive offers its users’ traditional genre and also artist stations programmed by DJs while letting its users build entire stations of specific artist. You as a user of LiveXLive can develop these stations simply by just rating your favorite songs and prohibiting artists or songs. Also, you can set up a station on LiveXLive just by putting in the name of an artist or a band. Then LiveXLive would create a station about that musician and also artist similar to that musician. Livx also gives free access to about 30 live streamed music events in a year.

Is LiveXLive Free?

LiveXLive is totally free including the sign up. But you can go premium on LiveXLive to prevent ads, unlimited skips and also listen to Music offline. Therefore, to go premium on Livx, click on the video button on the homepage, scroll down to locate and click on the View our plans button. Choose which plan you want to subscribe for, then create an account.

LiveXLive App

LiveXLive app is totally free for download and is available on an app store available for your mobile device. It could be Apple store for iOS or Google play store for Android. The LiveXLive app is however known as a shortcut to visiting the Livx platform. And it also has additional app features for you which you can enjoy as the app user. Install the LiveXLive app on your mobile device with these steps listed below and gain access to all the amazing features the app has to offer to you.

  • Open your device app store
  • Locate the LiveXLive app using the search engine
  • Click on the app from the result
  • Tap on the install or Get button.

The LiveXLive app is however not available for desktop devices. Therefore, to use the app, you can install the app from your google play store or apple store to your mobile device. But if you prefer to access Livx using your desktop to stream music and videos, visit the website @

How to Stream Videos on LiveXLive

There are so many shows and videos to stream on Livx. You can choose to stream some right away. While some shows that are yet to be performed, would require you to buy a ticket or set a reminder for later. There are however different categories of shows and videos on these platforms. These categories include; Events, Video and Podcast. See steps on how to stream from each category below;


  • Visit the website or open the app
  • Click on the event link
  • Select an event show you want to stream
  • If it has not already begun, you can buy a ticket for the show
  • Or set a reminder for the show which you would be notified when the show begins.


  • Visit the website or open the LiveXLive app
  • Click on the Video link
  • Select a video you want to stream
  • Click on the play button


  • On the website or app
  • Click on the podcast link
  • Select a Podcast
  • Select an episode
  • On the redirected page, click on the play button

With these steps, you can visit LiveXLive anytime you want to stream as many videos as possible as there are no limits to the number of videos and Live shows you can stream on the platform.