You might be wondering if there is the need to log out of Facebook account after any activity. A big YES will always be the answer. This process allows users to end any activity on their Facebook accounts. By and large, this option can be used on any mobile device.

Log Out My Facebook Account Now - Logout of Facebook | Log Out My Facebook
Log Out My Facebook Account Now – Logout of Facebook | Log Out My Facebook

Trust me; you don’t want people to take an advantage of your naivety. I have observed how many accounts have been driven to perils. Many images have been tarnished, others have had to abandon their Facebook account for another. All these are at the expense of not paying attention to log out of Facebook. It is high time we buckle our sheaths to resist any form in which our Facebook accounts can expose to different threats.

The activities on your Facebook account can be tracked across the world web if left logged in. That’s why you need the facebook log out tips in other to keep your account safe. Lots of people are not aware of the risks their accounts are prone to when they don’t log out of Facebook.

In short, it is advised to always log out from Facebook to protect your account hence prevent any kind of issues that might arise when you keep logged in. Let every user be informed that they can log out of Facebook at their convenience, it’s easy and keeps their accounts safe.

Why You Should Log Out Of Facebook

There are quite a number of reasons why you should make use of the Facebook Logout tips. The basic need for this is to protect Facebook accounts from any hazard that might ensue therein its opposite. One of the threats that can evolve is that when a user, who is logged in on Facebook visits any website that has Facebook like button widgets on it (I am certain most web portals do), her moves on such platform can be compromised.

On the other hand, in my own words, if something is not kept safe, then it is likely to be in danger. Such is a brief note for why every user has to log out of Facebook after any session. If you are not logged out of Facebook, any person who accesses your mobile device will be able to pose as you. He/she will be able to read your private data, post anything on your timeline, and contact others on Facebook etc.

This person can even go as far as editing your privacy settings and other options. How about if this unnamed person decides to ‘like’ and join some inappropriate pages and group? Who or what will stop him/her? Nothing! Simply because you already gave your Facebook account an open access. These are but few of the reasons why you need to log out of Facebook in any case of inactivity.

Facebook Logout

On a limit, some users do not know how to log out of Facebook so they tend to just stick with the risks listed above. In any case, every user needs to adhere to these Facebook log out tips to save themselves from any distress. The following will guide you on how to log out of Facebook whenever you are leaving the website.

  1. Click an arrow down sign (↓) at the upper right section of any Facebook page.
  2. Navigate through options and select Log Out.
  3. Log out of Facebook.

It is as easy as that. Just two clicks and you are logged out on Facebook. In fact, say No to any risks associated with not logging your account out on social domain. Make sure to log out of Facebook whenever you want to get busy with any other task.

Facebook Logout On Another Mobile Device

It could be that my article got to your end quite late, you probably left your account logged in on Facebook. Oh! Were you in haste and couldn’t log out of Facebook account on your home mobile device? Worry less! Facebook already made a provision for users to log out on its website anywhere at any time. It doesn’t matter on which device you logged in; you can easily log out of Facebook on another mobile device. Computers, phones or tablets, any of these devices will get the job done. The following are steps to take whenever you want to log out of Facebook on another mobile device.

  1. Log in to your Facebook account on the selected device.
  2. Find Security and Login Settings.
  3. Search for the Where You’re Logged In section. This shows an array of devices and browsers that have been used to log in to your Facebook account recently.
    Each detail includes date, time, location and the type of device used to access your account.
  4. Find the section that best suits your previous device details.
  5. You are to end its activity to log out of Facebook. So proceed to click End Activity.
    This command will immediately log your Facebook account off that device. To ensure that your Facebook account is always secure, be sure to log out of Facebook in any case of inactivity.

Also, you can also authenticate all your mobile devices so that you will be notified whenever anyone else tries to log in and out of your Facebook account on another device. Note that all the texts in this article are composed not only for existing Facebook users but also to new person(s) who want to join this social network.