Facebook Log in – Sign up |  Mobile App Log in | Secure Tips
As we all know that Facebook is a social networking portal. That makes it easy for a user to connect with friends and family online. This is a platform where registered users can create a profile, upload photos, videos, and send messages. And they can also keep in touch with their family, friends and colleagues.

Facebook Log in
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All I want to talk on is Facebook log in. Some users still don’t understand what Facebook log in is or where they can find the Facebook log in page. And some users find it difficult to log into their account. I will explain what Facebook log in is and how to make use of Facebook log in.

Facebook log in is the procedure whereby users have to enter their log in information in other to gain access to his or her account. The user have to enter his or her log in details in order to gain access his account so that he can post, upload photo, and also comment on people post or picture.

Facebook Sign Up 

In other for user’s to make use of any social platform he or she has to create an account so he can log in to his account at any time. This is a way of preventing unauthorized users from gaining access to other users account. in other for a user to have a log in ID or information user is requires to complete the account sing up process.

This is where the user can create his account information and Facebook log in information that we be used to log in to his account ether on a Mobile device, Tablet or PC.  You need to complete the sign up process in other to get your Facebook log in information. below is the sign up process.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter the url as www.facebook.com in the address bar of your browser.
  2. At the right side of the home page you see the sign up form. Enter your sign up information such as first name, surname Email address, date of birth and password.
  3. After you have entered al necessary information. hit the sign up icon to complete the sign up process.

After you have successfully created your account you can set up your profile and start adding contact to your friend list. This is a free process Facebook we never ask you to pay any fee or charges when creating an account.

Facebook Log in | How to Access Your Account

Once you have created your  account you can login to your account at any time ether via PC or Mobile Device. Here are the steps below

  1. Enter the url www.facebook.com on the url section of your web browser. By default this is the home page where user can click on the log in icon or sign up icon.
  2. Enter your email address at the upper right corner of Facebook.com homepage. The user will see a field for email address. The user should enter the email address he or she used to when creating his account.
  3. Enter in the password feed user will enter the password he or she used when creating the account in order to log in. If the user eventually forgot the password. The user can click on “forget password” in other to rest his password.
  4. Click on log in: after you have entered your correct log in detail.

Facebook  Mobile App Log in 

Majority of internet users make use of smart phones and other high end mobile device. Almost all smartphone and tablet can download Facebook app from their app store or play store. This app will allow the user to access his account and get instant notification on his mobile device.

In other to make use of this app user has to log into his account using the Facebook Log in steps for mobile app. This will enable the user have access to his account and start receiving instant notification on his device. In other to log in via the app you don’t need any browser to all you need is the facebook app installed on your device.

Let’s get started on how to setup the app with your account information so you can always get a notification on your device just as that of BBM massager and Whatsapp.

  1. Download Facebook app from your mobile store and launch the app.
  2. Enter your email address or mobile number.
  3. Enter your password in the second box and click on the log in icon

With this steps and explanations, users can enjoy social and have access to their Facebook account via the mobile app on their mobile device.

How to Secure Your Facebook Log in Details

A user needs to secure his or her account from another user to gain access to his account. Any user who has access to your Facebook Log in information can post comments, change your status and all the rest of your profile information.

In other to stop other users from gain access to your account they are some helpful security Facebook Log in tips and measures. Here are six helpful secure tips to secure your account and keep it safe from hackers.

  1. Don’t use your Facebook Log in information anywhere else online. User should never share password to any other user. He or she should be the only one who knows what his Facebook log in password is.
  2. Users should avoid including their names or a friends name as facebook password. User password must be difficult to guess such that numbers and litters or even symbols should be part of their password.
  3. Users should make sure their email account they use in creating their account is also secured.
  4. They should log out of their account whenever they make use of a public computer or when they share their PC with other users.
  5. Users should run antivirus software on their computer for Windows and mac OS on a regular basis.
  6. Users should not tell other users his or her login in information.

This is one of the best and most active social media platforms where users can communicate with each other. There are other features of Facebook that I will be talking about in my next post.