How do I login to my PayPal account? As an owner of a PayPal account, signing in is very important as it enables you to enter into your PayPal account. In other words, PayPal sign-in is an authentication process that enables you to have access to your already created PayPal account. Keep in mind that without a PayPal account, processing the login PayPal is very impossible. The reason is, your PayPal sign-in credentials are gotten from the information you must have provided during your sign-up. However, as a PayPal account holder, your PayPal sign-in entitles you to all PayPal enables you to do. One of which includes the ability to make online payments safely and more securely.

PayPal as you know is more than just for the use of making payment online as it can also be used to send and receive money online. But these can only be done after you have signed in to your PayPal account. Also, make sure you link your bank account, credit/debit card to your PayPal account. So, therefore, you can now see that your PayPal sign-in is a very important step that ought to be carried out before you can access any PayPal account. The sign-in is very easy compared to the sign-up because less information is required of you when signing in but more is required when signing up. Although the information required for signing up isn’t much of a big deal.

Login to PayPal

There are two different accounts you can create on PayPal which include a personal account and a business account. This implies that you can either log in to your business account or Personal account. But both login steps are similar as both require your email and your password. However, there are two platforms whereby the PayPal sign-in can be carried out. They include the mobile app and the website. Here are steps below on how to sign in to your PayPal account below;

Login Via Web

  • Visit the PayPal official website
  • Click on the sign in button
  • Enter your email address or mobile number
  • Tap on the next button
  • Enter your password
  • Click on the login button

PayPal Login Via the App

  • Open the PayPal app
  • Click on the login button
  • Enter your email address
  • Provide your password
  • Click on the login button

Using the Mobile app to sign in requires you to first download the app. The app is however available for you on your Google or App Store for free download. After download, you can now follow the above-listed steps to sign in to your PayPal account. However, it’s not just about signing in to your account as securing your account also matters. See ways on how to secure your PayPal account below.

How to Secure Your PayPal Account

Securing your PayPal account is very important so as for your information (personal) would not be out to a third party. However, when your account isn’t well secured, you possibly fall victim to having a hacked account or logins by an unrecognized person. So, therefore, to secure your account, here are some things you should do below;

  • Avoid sharing your login info with others
  • Sign out of a publicly used or untrusted device
  • Avoid saving your account on a generally used device
  • Disable Auto login
  • Set up security questions
  • While signing up ensure to create a strong and unguessable account
  • Review your account permission.

Lastly, while signing up, you should add a recovery email or mobile number, just in case your account is inaccessible due to some reason, you can always recover the account. After you have recovered your account, you can now set some information on your account. If you have not signed up for a PayPal account, you are missing out on all it enables you to do which includes sending money and receiving money in different currencies.