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Unfamiliar with movies streaming platforms? Here’s a suggestion for you. Los Movies is a full-time online movies platform which allows you stream movies for free. Although, there is a registration button which if you want to register, as registration is free. But then, you need not to register before you can stream movies on the Los movies platform. With a website like Los Movies, you need not to bother about visiting a cinema, and using other old traditional ways of streaming movies which includes buying a cassette. You can easily stream movies right there in your comfort zone.

Los movies - Watch Tv Shows Online & Download  Free Movies | losmovies com

On the contrary, the los movie website is an illegal and piracy website that uploads movies without a copyright license. It was launched earlier in 2017 and was later shut down the year after due to its illegal activities. But a replacement website has been created by the site owners so as to continue providing movies for its users for free streaming. However, if caught streaming on the website you are liable to face legal charges. As it is strictly against the law to stream movies from illegal websites like Los movies although compared to some other movies platforms, all you can do on los movies is totally free.

Los Movies categories

Los Movies has a large collection of movies which have been arranged in different categories. Some of these movies includes; battle Los Angeles, Los Fockers, crocodile Dundee 3, dance of the 41, Destruction of Los Angeles and many more. These movies have been arranged in different categories which some of the categories still have other categories under them. These categories include movies, Tv shoes, genres, countries, actors, directors, top movies and movies with subtitles. Two of these categories however have other categories under them. They include; countries and genres. Here are the categories under them below;


Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Film-Noir, Game-Show, History, Horror, Music, Musical, Mystery, News, Reality-Tv, Romance, Sci-Fi, Short, Sport, Talk-Show, Thriller, War, and Western.


Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA.

Under these categories, movies are then divided into two. They are “movies” and “Tv shows”. Therefore, after making your selection on which category, you want to stream movies from, you can now choose to stream either Movies or Tv shows by clicking on any of the buttons.

How to Stream Movies on Los Movie

The streaming process of movies on Los movie is a very simple one. Just locate the movie either with the use of the search engine or the movies categories. Although, when trying to stream movies on Los Movies, you might keep being redirected while trying to play that movie. But there’s another way by which you can still stream that movie. However, follow these steps below to stream;

  • Visit the Los Movies website @ https://losmovies.app/
  • Locate any movie of your choice
  • Click on the movie
  • On the movie page, scroll down and click on the download icon
  • You would be redirected to another page whereby you can stream the movie
  • Scroll down and click on the play button to begin your streaming.

To stream, you would be redirected to another website to stream that particular movie of your choice. That website you are redirected to is the direct link provided by the los movie website for you to stream movies just incase you are finding it difficult to stream from the main site.

How to Download Movies on Los Movie

Although, the download button is not available on the Los movies website. But through, the direct links, you can still process the download of your favorite movie. However, the download requires you to sign up or sign in. Therefore, after that, you can now process download with these steps.

  • Visit the Los Movie website @ https://losmovies.app/
  • Locate and click on any movie of your choice
  • On the movie page, scroll down to direct link
  • Click on the download icon
  • Then on the redirected page, click on the download button.

In conclusion, not only does the sign in gives you the privilege to download, it also enables you enjoy some of the hidden features of the Los movie platform. One of these features includes having to privilege to making movie requests and demand from the Los Movies website. Also, the redirected website might require you to pay before you can download with functionality.