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Lynda is an online education company that offers thousands of videos courses in software, creative and business skills owned by LinkedIn. was founded in 1995 by Lynda Weinman and bruce heaven and the headquarter is at Carpentaria, California in the united states of America. This company produces video tutorials taught by industry experts. The good part is that users have unlimited access to watch these videos when they sign up for an account.

Lynda - LinkedIn Learning with Lynda | has more than 500 employees in the world. It is also an online course portal that educates users on technology, business, and creative skill via groups of video tutorials. On this portal, users will have to pay a monthly fee on the Lynda web platform to make use of their services. Users can also get a free trial for ten days. You can also learn some skills that you need to perfect in your new feed of working. Features

  • Lynda has thousands of courses for users.
  • It offers a learning resource available on demand, anytime, anywhere.
  • Users can learn the online training using Lynda library anywhere either from your tablet or Smart phone device.
  • It also provides a keyword-searchable resource that offers immediate answer to your question.
  • Lynda encourages achievement and track success with course certificate of completion.

How Lynda works

All you need is to create an account on this portal. You will have to pay for the subscription you want. After that, the user will have to select a feed of their interest he or she wants to learn. Such as photography, audio, video recording, graphic design, editing, and lots more. Make sure you are interested in it and it will help you find courses that are desirable for you.

A user can also search for Lynda courses on and each course is composed of a series of video lectures. You also can search for any video on the course you want to know about. A user will have the opportunity to ask a question when they don’t understand what’s been taught.

You can also take notes on things that you want to remember so that you won’t forget it. You can sometimes download files that are used by the instructor in the course. In that way, you can get along and practice the skill that you have learned in the course with your materials.

What users can learn on

This portal has over 45000 courses in the three field study which are creativity, business, and technology. Creativity course teaches users on things like music, editing, production, graph design, and photographs. And technology courses also teach users on things like how to design websites for yourself or for people, how to write computer programs with code languages. And business course teaches users on leadership skills, how to make use of online marketing strategy.

Business courses

  • Time management tips by Barton Paulson.
  • Personal finance tips by Jane Barrett.
  • Online marketing fundamentals by brad Batesole.

Creativity courses

  • Foundation of photography composition by Ben long.
  • Creating time-lapse video by Richard Harrington.
  • Photoshop 2015 for photographers by Chris orwig.

Technology courses

  • Web design fundamental by James Williamson.
  • Design a website with adobe XD by Paul train.
  • Go for web development by Larry price.

There are lots more to what users can learn on the Lynda web platform. All you need is to create an account and subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan. all you need to do is to hit the sign up icon on on the home page to get started.