Marketplace Activity – How Facebook marketplace work| Marketplace Activity Log

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Do you know what the Marketplace activity is? A marketplace is where sellers and buyers can meet to make possible the exchange of goods and services, also markets establish the prices of goods and services that are determined by supply and demand. The marketplace is the activity of buying and selling of products.

Marketplace Activity - How Facebook marketplace work| Marketplace Activity Log

The marketplace is a convenient destination to discover, buy and sell items with people in your community, the market place makes it easy to find things you will love and things you would want to find new homes for the things you are ready to part with.

Introducing to you an amazing feature of Facebook, the whole new Facebook marketplace, we normally connect with friends on Facebook and connecting to different people around us but now you can shop. Facebook decided to add this feature because the activity started on Facebook groups and has grown considerably. A lot of people visit these groups to sell and buy each month and Facebook is promising to build new options and features to make it the best experience for people.

How to Post Items to Sell in The Marketplace

For you to visit marketplace just tap on the shop icon at the bottom of the Facebook app. Note this also this feature is not available in all countries all over the world, it was just released to some countries.

  • Take a photo of your item or add from your phone gallery.
  • Enter the product name, price, and description.
  • Confirm your location and select the category.
  • Tap on the post.

Now anyone from your area can find your item and message you if they are interested in buying. Also, you still post your item on buy and sell groups.

The Facebook market place is a great place to shop because it has placed itself as a social marketplace where you can see the sellers profile and see the mutual friends you have, in case you want to inquire about them and chat with them using Facebook messenger. You can check your Facebook activity from your activity log.

How to Delete Marketplace Activity

Now you have sold an item and you want to remove and you are finding it difficult, all you have to do is access your marketplace from the mobile app on your device. Once you have opened it, select your items in the top right corner and find the items you wish to delete. After that click on manage, then click on delete items.

How to See Ratings on Facebook Marketplace Activity

Now ratings are only available on the Facebook for iPhone and android app, but not on the website. Also, put in mind that people may choose to keep their ratings private. To check sellers rating all you have to do is go to their marketplace profile and look for ratings as a seller. As for your ratings, you can go to your own profile and look for ratings as a seller and ratings as a buyer section. You can also see more specific feedback from the people who rated you in what you do well and how you can improve sections.

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