Medical Technologist Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

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Medical Technologist Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship -Are you a medical technologist? Do you want to live in the United States of America? Then you can try applying for a medical technologist job in the USA. You don’t have to worry about the long visa application process because the employer will handle that for you along with all the expenses to travel to the USA.

In the USA, the laboratory workforce is short of staff, and this has led to over 25,000 jobs opening for technicians and laboratory technologists. Foreigners who are qualified can grab a hold of this opportunity and apply for the job role in the USA. The demand for medical technologists in the USA is increasing and this has caused a major shortage of staff in some laboratories, clinics, hospitals, and fields of research.

The number is expected to go higher as time goes on. If you are a professional in this job field now is the time to apply for a job in the USA and get sponsored. In addition, the United States is a great place to live. It has a standard quality of living, great educational facilities, and an outstanding healthcare system. Foreigners migrate to the USA in search of a better life. 

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Who is a Medical Technologist?

Medical technologists are experts who work in the laboratories of hospitals and perform lots of tests. Their responsibility is to provide precise information because doctors use the information to make decisions and diagnoses based on the result of the laboratory test. They are to check the result for any mistake because the life and death of someone are in their hands.

A medical technologist performs all the tests from pregnancy tests to find out serious diseases like diabetes. They do much more than just simple examining of specimens by making use of the microscope, medical technologists also use computers, complex electronic devices, and other instruments.

Furthermore, medical technologists work in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and fields of research. Medical technologists are vital in any health facility.  Lately, there is a high demand for this job role. If you are qualified enough for this job role and you want to migrate to the United States, the odds are in your favor.

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Duties of a Medical Technologist

Medical technologists are vital in the healthcare sector. They perform laboratory tests and the doctors make use of the laboratory test result to make diagnoses and treatments. However, they do more than just perform the test, some of their duties include:

  • Examine blood cells morphology by using a microscope
  • Make blood group test for transfusion
  • Keep the standard assurance of the lab by carrying out proficiency testing
  • Recheck diagnosis and fix any issue with the laboratory equipment
  • Analyze the result of the test and input any findings into the computer
  • Performing radiographic tests at an acceptable level.

And many more.  The medical technologist also operates the equipment in the laboratory and fixes the ones that have issues. They must carefully carry out these responsibilities as the doctor depending on the lab result to make a diagnosis and this could help or hinder the life of a person.

Requirement for a Medical Technologist Job

Before you can secure a job as a medical technologist, you need to meet certain requirements that are put in place by the employer and the United States immigration service.

  • A bachelor’s degree in medical technology or another related field
  • A complete internship at any clinical laboratory
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • An outstanding problem-solving skill
  • Applicants must be patient
  • A minimum experience of 3 years
  • You might work the night shift
  • Applicants must be vaccinated for the COVID19

After meeting this requirement, you can go ahead and apply for a medical technologist job in the USA with visa sponsorship.

How to Apply for Medical Technologist Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

To apply for a Medical Technologist Job in the United along with Visa Sponsorship you can easily and conveniently start your application process Online. For you to start your application, you must ensure your correct information and credentials are ready. Here are the steps and guidelines to follow;

  • Open your computer web browser and make sure it connected to a stable Internet connection
  • Visit any Job website Online such as, Google Job, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and more
  • Search for Medical Technologist Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship using the Search bar
  • Navigate through the result and find a job that fit your qualification and need
  • To start your application, click on the APPLY ICON
  • Upload your CV or Resume
  • Enter your correction information and details

After completing the online application patiently wait for your application to be approved afterwards, you will be scheduled for an online interview. Once you pass the interview, your employer will discuss the next steps and guidelines to follow.

Companies Hiring Medical Technologist Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

If you are qualified for this job role, you might be inquisitive about where to find a job. But not to worry a considerable number of hospitals, healthcare facilities, and laboratories offer this job role to qualified foreigners.

  • Nebraska Medicine
  • Jobot
  • MTSS
  • Steward Health Care
  • Kindred Healthcare
  • Mayo Clinic
  • AEC National Recruiters
  • HireLifeScience
  • Eurofins USA Clinical Diagnostics
  • Flagship Pioneering Inc
  • Midland Health
  • RennickBarrett Recruiting
  • MCG Health System
  • Confidential
  • Geisinger Health
  • Kettering Health
  • The Genesis Group
  • Piedmont Healthcare
  • Onsite Lab Corp
  • Health First
  • Hirebridge Organic

And many more. these health care facilities and laboratories offer medical technologist jobs to qualified foreigners and sponsor their travel to the USA. If you have enough qualifications, you can apply for the job role with the laboratory of your choice.

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How much does a Medical Technologist Earn in the USA?

Jobs in the healthcare sector earn quite a decent fee. Although their salary ranges depend on the job type and other factors. Still, they make a decent amount. If you are interested in the job role, you should be aware that a medical technologist earns up to $30/ per hour and earn $58,500 annually.

However, the salary differs depending on the laboratory the work for, province, level of experience, and qualifications. So if you are considering studying medical technology, you have picked the right career choice because you can secure a job in a foreign country with visa sponsorship.