Meetme – Chat and Meet Singles Online Free

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Looking for love online and then you are not sure of which site to visit? Meetme is an online dating site that helps you find people nearby online. And these people you find online are the ones who share the same interest as you. The dating site allows you to connect with friendly people nearby whom you would love to chat with for free. Meetme has over 100 million people on its platform seeking relationships and many of them have found one. So you should also visit Meetme to find love and change your love story.

Meetme - Chat and Meet Singles Online
Meetme – Chat and Meet Singles Online

This social network, yet dating platform is however free and open to anyone who has attained the age of 18 and above. However, MeetMe’s wide range of features clearly triggered its popularity. Actually, most of these features are offered for free, the others can be gotten with its virtual currency. In any case, there just isn’t an endpoint to the thrills it provides to its users. It is fun, educating, entertaining, use it and help add more words. Therefore, Meetme is an amusing realm that serves as an entrance to meeting new friends, fun games, dates, and lots more.

Meetme circles more around social discovery and interaction on various levels. From connections, social games, survey questions to other subtle differences, all are entwined in the right portion. How am I to define the quality of the unlimited fun enjoyed by its user? It is no doubt the best avenue to make new friends. With statistics of over 40 million users from across the world, there is always a new person who wants to meet you! To Meetme, you are just as important as always; it prioritizes its users’ needs. So much for one platform, it is never a bad choice for an online date.

Meetme App

Meetme is a mobile application and web-based dating service. For this reason, virtually any device that is connected to the internet can use it. All the Meetme functions and features are arranged and ready for use on its mobile app. With the App, you can meet new people from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere at any time. In other words, as it were, this mobile app allows you to connect to new people on the move.

Also, with the Meetme app, you can search for various users near your location, chat with them, and also flirt. Aside from that, you can even go as far as to find an ideal date online. Besides, It is fun, easy, and free to use. The Meetme mobile app is available for use on all Android and iOS devices. Sign up or log in today to enjoy the endless pleasures available for you on Meetme. For those persons who want to try new things while keeping their fun lives aloft, this mobile app is best suitable.

To install Meetme mobile app, visit Google Play for Android users. For iOS and iPhone users, the Meetme app can be gotten on App Store for free. Also, the social network and dating app can be downloaded on any trusted and malware-free web platform. Why wait longer? Here is your chance to meet new people and have fun all the way for free. Take it! With the Meetme app, all its features can be accessed quickly at any time. As a matter of fact, Meetme chat is even made easier. Meanwhile, visit the Meetme web portal to read more about its terms and condition.


Aside from the basic features that are expected of any social network and online dating site, there are some other gearing features included on Meetme. Its gaming area enables its users to socialize by playing different basic games. These games, such as air hockey, solitaire, arcade, and crosswords amongst others are played for free. Meet and play with countless users from all walks of life. Personalize your profile and see how many users viewed your profile. Also, the number of admirers you have will be notified.

Another intriguing feature is what it tags as Owned. Users can buy and sell friends in Owned. Check and compare your rank with your friends and other Meetme members’. However, this feature is not free; requires Lunch Money. With enough Lunch Money collection, other fun features on the Meetme portal can be unlocked.

With its Match feature, you can find your Secret Admirers and other users by adjusting its filters (age, gender, and location). This brings the search results of the options specified. For those that are aspiring to find more than just friends, Meetme has a lot to offer. Use its Locals menu to find new friends nearby who share the same interests as you. Send instant messages and chat unlimitedly for free. Connect with new people, you and they can decide on which level to take it. Meet, chat, flirt, and date, you never can tell if you could meet that special person there.

Meetme members keep the thrill on as they send and receive anonymous questions to/from each other by using its Ask Me feature. The Live Feed feature keeps members updated on all the most gripping happenings on the portal. These are but a few of’s extra features I can mention. Why not give it a try yourself?

MeetMe Sign-Up

Join the millions of people who use the dating site to find singles nearby for free. Regardless of who you may be looking for. Perhaps you are just looking for friends or you want a soulmate, you will find a plethora of them on this dating site. As the name implies, you can meet and chat and have fun with new people. However, you need to sign-up for an account before you can start browsing singles online. Hence, follow the steps below to create an account;

  • Visit on your device’s browser.
  • Click on the sign-up button
  • Enter your name which includes; your first and last name
  • Enter your email and password
  • Add any other information required of you.
  • Click on “make friends” to proceed.

Once that is completed, you can now set up your profile to enable other users to find you on the app. After you have completed your Meetme sign-up. You can now process the Meetme Login to access your account whenever you want to check out who has liked you, send a message or add someone.

Meetme Login

Meetme Login is very necessary in order for you to be able to access your Meetme dating account. It could be via the Meetme dating site or the Meetme App. Whichever way you prefer, it is however necessary for you to log in before you can access your account. The login is easier compared to the sign-up. As only just a little information is required of you. This information includes your email address and password. Once you have those, you can now sign in with these steps below;

  • Visit the Meetme Online dating website
  • Locate and click on the login button
  • Enter your email and password
  • Click on the login button to proceed into your account.

You can also log in using your Facebook account. That’s if you used the account to sign up. Once you have logged in, you can now have fun on Meetme. Explore and meet other singles today.