Are you into serious relationships and then looking for a partner to build one with? MeetMe is available for you. MeetMe is a dating platform whereby you get to meet singles who are interested in serious relationships and start up something with them. But to be able to do this or join other singles on MeetMe, you have to first process the MeetMe sign up. MeetMe sign up is a registration process by which you can create a MeetMe account providing all your necessary and important information required of you. However, the MeetMe sign up can only be done with the use of the app. Therefore, to join MeetMe install the app on your mobile device as it is only available for it.

MeetMe Sign Up - How do I Create Online Meet Me Account
MeetMe Sign Up – How do I Create Online Meet Me Account

Furthermore, Meet Me sign up is free for the access of everyone and anyone. But at the same time not just anyone as the sign up is limited by age. Once you are not up to 18, sign up would not be allowed on MeetMe. With, Meet Me sign up, you get to meet new friends all over the world, share your experiences, ideas, select a partner, go on dates and do a lot. If you are single and you do not have a MeetMe account, you should sign up for one and get yourself a partner today on MeetMe.

How to Sign Up MeetMe

Before you sign up for meet me, you must be up to the age of 18 as your sign up would not be processed if you are below that age. Once you have attained the age of 18 or above, you can now follow these steps to sign up a MeetMe account. MeetMe sign up can be done in two ways and through 2 different methods. You can either sign up manually on MeetMe or sign up through the use of your Facebook account.

Meet Me Sign Up with Facebook

  • Open the MeetMe dating app after installation
  • Click on the login with Facebook button.
  • If you do not have an account, you would be asked for your Facebook details
  • Enter them correctly and click on the continue button
  • Wait while your registration is processing.

MeetMe Sign Up Manually

  • When you open the MeetMe app
  • The first page you come across is the sign-up page
  • Enter your personal information which includes your name, email address, password, birthday, gender, and location.
  • Then click on the sign-up free button

After the sign up, you can now follow the instruction given to you by MeetMe to set up your profile which other users can check to know about you before adding you up. Your profile is meant to be a little briefing about you before they get to know you better.

MeetMe Sign In

After processing the MeetMe sign up, the next step to take which is the only way by which you can access your MeetMe account is through the sign in. the sign in can also be done through the use of your Facebook account or through the use of email. The sign in can be done either on the site of the website. it just depends on which you feel comfortable using to process the sign in. Here are step below by which you can sign in your MeetMe account.

  • Visit the website or open the ap
  • Choose which way you want to sign in to MeetMe (manually or Facebook)
  • Enter your login info
  • Click on the login button.

With these steps listed above, if followed correctly and the right information have been provided you now have access to your MeetMe account. Then, add up friends and get a partner on MeetMe.