Microsoft Drive – How to Access Microsoft Drive

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What is a Microsoft drive? It is also called ‘one drive’ is the cloud storage device that Microsoft offers to store all your files together in one place which you can have access to any time, anywhere. The Microsoft drive is very important in a computer because it backs up all your files online and also saves your pictures, and other files in the cloud and shares them with friends. However, it is used in a lot of companies and schools for the same purpose written above. To secure your files on the computer or to collaborate on the content you need it.

Microsoft drive is the one place for your personal life and everything in your work. This drives you to access the store, share and sync your work using the website or an app, all you just need to do is download an app or use a website. For you not to lose important files and pictures you need one drive on your system or device. Also, you can add it to your phone, tablet pc, iPhone, or Ipad, and to do that is a very easy thing to do because this article will tell you more about the Microsoft app and website.

More About Microsoft Drive

Can Microsoft Be Used on Mac?

YES, you can use it on Mac. Microsoft dive keeps your files and photos backed up secured and available to use on Mac and every other of your device you have. Go and download it on mac, and get your files secured with no problems at all.


It has a lot of features because the benefits of using it and its intelligence are so many. After all, you can use it with a lot of means. However, below are the features of the Microsoft drive and you will find out why I said they are many.

  • Organization platform for files.
  • Its free up file or device storages.
  • Share content among teams and friends.
  • Secure files and information.
  • Accesses to file anytime any day.
  • Renders file that are available from anywhere for collaborations of content.

The benefit of Microsoft drive is so much that we can’t mention them all, the intelligence is so much that you can also access it on your computer and it helps you with the storage.

Is It Safe to Use?

Yes, they are very safe and easy to use. They secure your important files so well that you do not need to worry about losing them at all. If you want your files and pictures to be secure then you need a Microsoft drive because you are the only one that can see it, it is just like your local drive, or the desktop so you do not need to worry about security.

How Do I Access a Microsoft Drive?

To access it is not hard to do at all, you can just use the web browser it will be so fast and easy to do. All you need to do is go to your web browser and type and type in your requested details and you can have access to the Microsoft drive anytime you want.

How Do I Download a Microsoft Drive?

To download the app, you can use an android phone. All you need to do is go to your Google play store to download the app and install it. However, Follow the procedure they will help you download it.

  • Go to the download one drive or Microsoft drive page
  • Locate and select download
  • Once it is done open it and install
  • Then it is downloaded on your computer
  • A one drive folder will be added to your window automatically.

However, if your computer uses Windows 10 it is built in but you need Microsoft to drive for window 8.1, window 7, and others. Download Microsoft drive and save your file more securely.