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Do you know what Microsoft Excel is? If you do not know what it is do you know to get it to your system? On this article “Microsoft excel download” you will get to know everything pertaining to how you can get the Microsoft excel application to your device. But before I tell you how you can download this web application to your system, I will first tell you what Microsoft excel is and what the Microsoft Office suite is.

Microsoft Excel Download - Can You Download Microsoft Excel for Free

What Is Microsoft Office?

I won’t be wasting time on this one, as it is not the main focus of this article. Microsoft office is a suite or group of productive desktop applications that are designed strictly for office use. This is the maiden product of Microsoft Corporation. The first version was released in the year 1990. This software is available in 35 different languages. It is supported by Windows, macOS, and Linux software running systems. Some of its applications include outlook, excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, publisher, and word applications. These applications are primarily created for the office environment. It makes work in a firm easier and neater.

What Is Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the web applications of the Microsoft Office platform. It helps users create simple to complex data and numerical spreadsheets. It’s a spreadsheet program. This program tables of values arranged in rows and columns. Many personal and businesses institutions have embraced the use of this Microsoft product. This is because of the key role it plays. It has the ability to serve as a visual basic for different applications. You can easily store data with this application. Also, you can perform calculations. Also, adjust layouts, format cells and so much more. Some of the key features of this tool are data organization, programming and graphing.

How to Download Microsoft Excel

The Microsoft Excel application can be gotten in two ways. You can either download it to your device by subscribing to any of the Microsoft office plans. Users can also download mobile versions to their devices from their devices app store. If as a user you do not feel like downloading. Or subscribing to the Microsoft excel product you can get it for free. But there is a price to pay. Using it for free without downloading requires you to use it online. And you can find it on the Microsoft office platform online at To download the Microsoft Excel application to your system visit this platform at Office.

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