Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks – Microsoft Excel Basic Tutorial | Microsoft Excel Training

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Want some Microsoft excel tips and tricks? If that’s what you want then this article is for you. With the tricks and tips, I will be dropping in this article you will become a master on excel in not time. So therefore if you are reading this article right about now, do not stop, continue reading and make sure you follow every instruction to the latter.

Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks - Microsoft Excel Basic Tutorial | Microsoft Excel Training

Are you an office person or an entrepreneur? Do you know about the Microsoft office suits of web applications? If you do not know then you really are left behind in the business world. It is no surprise that every business, company, and corporation wants to succeed. This is where Microsoft office and its creative tools and applications come in. the Microsoft office set of applications Is what every modern-day office needs to succeed or be successful.

What Is Microsoft Excel?

Before I give you some tricks and tips on Microsoft excel, it is important that you know what it is. If you already know what the Microsoft excel office application is you can disregard this header or you can continue reading as you don’t know what you might come across. It’s called the beauty of learning. Without wasting any more time, I will be jumping right straight to what Microsoft excel is. Microsoft Excel is one of the various web applications of the Microsoft office. It is one of the most important and most used office applications in the world today. It is a software program that allows users to calculate both large and small data’s with formulas using a form of a spreadsheet system.

Many firms and companies find his application to be very useful as they use it to record expenditures and income. They also use it to plan budgets and present fiscal results. I hope we all know what a spreadsheet is. If you do not know, here is a short definition of it. A spreadsheet presents tables and values that are arranged in columns and rows. This spreadsheet can be manipulated in a way or rather mathematically using both basic and complex arithmetic operations and systems.

Some Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

For both beginners and masters of this tool, there are still useful tips and tricks to be learned and therefore cannot be overlooked. The role of Microsoft excel in a firm cannot be overlooked. Here are some useful tips and tricks you need to know on Microsoft excel;

One-Click Select All

Normally to easily select or highlight all data, you just have to press ctrl + A, but unfortunately, not everyone knows about this as a shortcut. Alternatively, to this short cut, there is a way through which users can do this. A simple click of the corner button will select all data in seconds.

Opening Excel Files in Bulk

This trick will help users easily open files in bulk and save the time of opening files one by one or singly. To do this select all the files you want to open and press the enter key. Immediately all the files will be opened simultaneously.

Shift between Excel Files

It’s really exhausting shifting between different files. What if I tell you of a way to easily navigate between these files without having to mix your work or working on the wrong file? To do this press Ctrl + Tab and then you can easily shift between files.

To Add More Than One New Row or Column

It is quite a waste of time and really tiring when you want to add more rows and columns but you only know how to add one at a time. What if I tell you that there is a way you can add multiple rows and columns at a time. To do this, drag and select X rows or columns, if you want to add more rows or columns, above or left. Next, right-click on the highlighted rows or columns and choose insert from the drop-down menu.

Immediately new rows will be inserted above the row or to the left of the column you first selected.These are just some of the basic tips and tricks you should know about the excel platform for now. To get to know more on the Microsoft Excel application, you need to start making use of it.