Microsoft Excel Training – Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks

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What do you take on the Microsoft Excel training? Just as the name implies this article is just a tutorial on Microsoft excel product key. If you are already used to the Microsoft excel application you can skip this article but I will advise you not to do so as you don’t know what you might get from this tutorial.

Microsoft Excel Training - Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks

There might be a big chance that you do not know about the Microsoft office platform if you do not know of the Microsoft Excel application. For a better understanding, I will be writing a short review on what Microsoft office is, then later I will be writing on the term “Microsoft excel” proper which is Microsoft Excel Training.

What Is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft office is a suit or pack of office applications. These applications are the basic software applications needed by every office or company to grow. If you look closely there are lots of businesses and organizations. But if you also look closely you will find out that others are doing well while others aren’t.

Some have even been around for quite some time now and still, they are outsourced and have been outgrown by new businesses and corporations. It clearly shows that the successful firms are clearly having a smooth run of affairs and this is what the Microsoft office software offers. Some of the products of the Microsoft Office platform are the Microsoft word, access, publisher, OneNote, outlook, excel and so much more.

What Is Microsoft Excel

This is a spreadsheet program or software of the Microsoft office suites. It is a very popular program among office workers particularly those that works with tables and calculations. This application enhances data organization analysis and computations. This platform is mainly focused on working with tables, rows, columns, and formulas. This tool can automate your daily tasks and work thereby increasing office efficiency.

Microsoft Excel Training – Tips and Tricks

I will be giving you some tips and tricks on the Microsoft excel tool on this header. So therefore if you are a beginner on this office tool, keep on reading;

Fill Cells in a Flash

This “excel” feature helps in saving time when filling cells. All you need to do to make use of this tool is this. When on the application, start typing in a column to the right of your data. You will be given suggestions for the rest of the cells. To make use of the suggestions, click on enter.

Get Your Total by Going Formula Free

Do you want to add a total row without having to make use of any formula? This feature will help you. To do this just click on anywhere inside the excel table and press ctrl+Shift+T. excel will immediately add the total row to the bottom.

Add Tables to Your Data

Do you want to turn your cells into a beautiful and fun filled looking table? Just click on anywhere inside your data and press Ctrl + T.

Ask Tell Me

This feature is used to search for functions you have used before but don’t know where they are in the system. To use this feature, click the box labeled tell me what you want to do. Search for the button you want.

These are the tips I will be telling you on on this article today. To get more excel tips visit this platform Here.