Microsoft Excel – What it is and How to Use It

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Are you a user of the Microsoft Office applications? If you are then you must know the Microsoft Excel. This is one of the various applications of the Microsoft Office platform. You are in luck today if you do not know about this platform. In this article, we will be providing you with detailed information on the Microsoft Excel tool.

Microsoft Excel - What it is and How to Use It

What Is Microsoft Excel?

In simple terms, Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet. However, Microsoft Excel is one of the web applications of the Microsoft Office platform. It helps users create simple to complex data and numerical spreadsheets. It’s a spreadsheet program. This program tables of values arranged in rows and columns. Many personal and business institutions have embraced the use of this Microsoft product.

This is because of the key role it plays. It has the ability to serve as a visual basic for different applications. You can easily store data with this application. Also, you can perform calculations. Also, adjust layouts, format cells and so much more. Some of the key features of this tool are data organization, programming and graphing.

How Do I use it?

Since it is a spreadsheet program, its uses are really basic and yet very functional. This program is used to create text grids, numbers, and formulas specifying calculations. This program can be very useful to firms and businesses when recording expenditures and income. It can also be useful when these firms plan budgets, chart data, and present fiscal results. With this Microsoft program, working in an office environment becomes easy.

It’s just like having an extra hand to help you with all your work without having to pay a dime. Who doesn’t want that? This office app can also be programmed to extract data from external sources and automatically running these collected data’s through a medium to update the information or data in real-time.

This tool, app or software has grown over the years to become a very important part of any work and office environment. There are a total of 1048576 rows. There are a total of 16384 columns all ranging from A to XFD.

Features of Microsoft Excel

I will be giving a list of some of the features of the Microsoft Excel feature for knowledge’s sake and you can find them below;


This feature and function is used to search for a value in a table. This feature helps users to search for a given value and return a matching value from another column.

Pie Chart

This feature is used to visualize the contribution of every value to a pie diagram (complete). It is one of the best and coolest excel features. To make use of this feature, launch the excel app on your system. Select the range A1: D2. Click on the pie symbol and then click on pie in the charts group from the insert tab.

Data Validation

This tool or feature helps and makes sure users enter particular values into a cell. To make use of this tool launch the excel app on your system. To create a data validation rule, select a cell, e.g. cell on data validation in the data tools group from the data tab. From the settings tab, in the allow list, select the whole number by clicking on the whole thing. Next, on the data list, click between.

Enter the minimum and maximum values. After that click on an input message and set it. Click on the error alert tab and then set a message to display if a user enters a different data. I will be stopping on these features of Microsoft excel. To know more about the Microsoft Excel application, you need to start making use of it now.

What Devices Support Microsoft Excel?

It’s available for systems running Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. This Microsoft Office tool or software is a part of the Microsoft productivity software’s

How To Download Microsoft Excel For Free

Microsoft Office can be free for free, but here is something you need to know. You can get Microsoft excel on other online platforms for free, but it might be different on the Microsoft Office platform Excel. To make use of excel on Microsoft you have to subscribe to the platform first. And this might cost you 100 USD – 120 USD monthly.

There are other versions of some of the office apps including excel you can actually use for free. They only thing you need to take note of here is that they run online. This actually means that for you to make use of them on your device for free you have to be connected to the internet.

How to Purchase Microsoft Excel Online

As stated above, Microsoft Excel is not free. Initially, you will be provided with a one-month free trial, after which, you will be required to purchase a plan. To purchase a plan, you can simply visit Microsoft Excel’s official website. Here are steps and guidelines to get a plan.

  • Open your device web browser.
  • Visit the official website of Microsoft online at
  • Online the platform, locate the Excel tool.
  • Select either home or business.
  • Then, follow the prompt to purchase the tool.

Note: You can also purchase the excel tool from Amazon or any other online store. There you have. The above steps and guidelines are the easy ways to purchase the Excel tool online.