Microsoft Office 365 – Office 365 Download | Office 365 Applications

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What is Microsoft office 365 or office 365 as it is majorly known as? This is one of the several products of Microsoft office. It is a subscription service platform and feature.  The product was officially launched to target corporate brands and users. After the release of Microsoft office 2013, it shifted its attention to different types of businesses and at general consumers. Just in case you are wondering about the benefits or the reason you should make use of this feature here are some. This product of Microsoft is flexible or you can say scalable. With it, you can easily adjust your business quickly as it can grow with you.

Microsoft Office 365 - Office 365 Download | Office 365 Applications

Also with this product, you can easily work from anywhere as a business person. This is one of the main reasons why users make use of this tool on a daily basis. Companies with different and multiple locations will find this product very useful as they can now share, create and edit contents at any given time of the day. This tool has collaboration features that teams who work together on tasks and other documents will find useful. With this collaboration feature ever tam member can works on the same version of a project, get real-time changes rather than having multiple copies. Other features and benefits of office 365 are;

  • It always keeps you up to date.
  • Reduces capital.
  • Multi-device usage of up to 5 devices per user.
  • Great and advanced security features.
  • Mix and match plans.
  • Less hardware with little energy costs.

These are some of the benefits associated with this product. I hope with it you will see reasons to make use of the Microsoft tool.

Office 365 Download

Now that you know more on office 365, the next step for you is on how to get it on your desktop PC. Firstly for you to download this product to your device you need to have an office 365 accounts or Microsoft office account. If you do not have an account you can create one here Microsoft or Office365. Follow the steps below to download and install;

  • On your office account page Here. Login or sign in.
  • Select install. You might be asked to enter information relating to your account like email address and password.
  • Click on the install tab when it becomes visible to you.
  • Go to the install pop up on your browser and click on run, setup or save.
  • Click on yes to start installing.
  • When you see the tab you are goo to go choose all done.

That’s all on downloading and installing office 365 on your desktop.

Office 365 Plans

Just in case you are looking forward to subscribing to office 365, below are the plans and subscription fees.

For Business

  • Office 365 business 8.25 USD monthly.
  • The Office 365 business premium – 12.50 USD.
  • Office 365 business essentials – 5.00 USD.

The plans above are that of businesses. But note that the office 365 product is not yet available in all regions across the globe. To find out which of the versions of office are available in your region and to get more plans, visit the “office store” via this link