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Want some Microsoft office tips? It is no surprise that Microsoft is still the best office suit to be used if you want to run your company or enterprise smoothly and perfectly. It is the perfect tool to use. Since the launch of the Microsoft platform, more companies have been making use of it to boost their work productivity. With this office tool, users can now work, collaborate and also save time. As I have said previously, it is the ideal tool to use in your company. The plans are relatively cheap.

Microsoft Office Tips - microsoft office 365 | Office 365 Tips and Tricks

It is not only meant for small companies and big companies, as both students and end consumers can also make use of it. It is therefore made for everyone. On this article, I will be putting you through on how to get started with the Microsoft office platform and at the need, you will know your way around the apps of the Microsoft office. The tips on Microsoft office are so elaborate, so I will be giving some tips about the Microsoft office but not all. I will be giving you a link to visit to get through to all other Microsoft tips at the end of the article, so you have nothing to worry about.

Some Tips to Effectively Make Use of Microsoft Office

I will be giving you a few tips on outlook, word, excel, and PowerPoint. From this point onward, I want you to follow me carefully.

Outlook Signature Feature

With this feature on the outlook product of Microsoft word, users can uniquely end their messages with a signature or a style that reflect them. To do this, follow the steps below;

  • In outlook, enter email message.
  • Select signature and then “signature”.
  • Select new and give your signature a name.
  • Create your signature.
  • You can also choose to add graphics to your signature by getting creative with fonts and colors.
  • Lastly, select ok.

That’s it.

Outlook Inbox Clean Up Feature

If you are having issues with your Outlook inbox in terms of space or arrangement you can make use of this feature. To start making use of this feature follow the steps below;

  • From your inbox, select home, then clean up.
  • Select the “clean up” folder or clean up folder and subfolders.

Redundant and rad messages will immediately be moved to the deleted items folder. Your unread messages will be safe.

Microsoft Word Edit Together Feature

This is one of the fun features of the Microsoft word tool. With this feature, multiple users can edit and work on the same word document at the same time. With this, results will be faster. You will no longer have to wait for your turn in order to get work done. Also, you can exchange ideas, comment and also chat, all in real-time. To make use of this feature follow the steps below;

  • Save your document in Onedrive.
  • Click on share.
  • Send the document link to your colleagues with whom you wish to work with.

Immediately thy start working, you will start seeing their results in real-time. That’s it.

Word Formatting Styles

With this word feature, users can now format, edit and update word documents with a whole lot of ease. To do this, follow the steps below;

  • Open your document in word.
  • Tap on anywhere on the document, go to the home tab and select heading 1 or H1.

You can also apply themes, table of contents and a whole lot more with this feature.

Excel Formula Free Feature

This feature will help you directly and immensely when making tables via excel. Follow the steps below to get this done;

  • Click on anywhere on the excel table.
  • Press ctrl+Shift+T.

That’s all. Excel will automatically add the remaining row to the bottom.

Microsoft Excel “Ask Tell Me” Feature.

Have you ever made use of a Microsoft excel tool before and don’t know how to get back to it? Well, if you have, this tool will help you with that. With this tool, you can search for buttons, menus and just anything you are looking for. To get started, follow the steps below;

  • On the excel page click the box labeled tell me what you want to do.
  • Type in what you are searching for in the box provided.

You will be provided with the result of your search immediately.

PowerPoint Video Editor

Have you ever had to give a presentation and you feel like what you have prepared isn’t enough? I have a solution for you. With the Microsoft PowerPoint video editor feature, you can easily give your presentation more flare with your video. That’s what this feature is all about. To get started on this one, follow the steps below;

  • Go to the online video you want to use and copy the URL.
  • Go to PowerPoint, select insert, then video and online video.
  • Paste the URL; click the arrow to insert it (the video) into the slide.

How easy is that? That’s all.

I will be stopping here on this one today, but if you still want more tips on Microsoft office do well to visit the Microsoft office products tips page Here.