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What is your take on the topic of this article “Microsoft office training”? I know you have been hearing of the name Microsoft office, or you might have heard about it before. The truth here is that as long as you have made use of the internet via your desktop PC. Or any other device you have had experience with Microsoft office.

Microsoft Office Training - Online Free Microsoft Office Training & Courses | Office 365 Training

However, in this article, I will be telling you what Microsoft office 365 training is. And what you need to get started with it. If you have already started training with Microsoft office or at least have knowledge of it you still need to continue reading. This is because I haven’t seen anyone who has complete knowledge of this platform. As there might be valuable info, here specifically for you.

What Is Microsoft Office

Now, on this header, I want your total undivided attention. Microsoft office is a collection of desktop applications. These applications are designed mainly and basically for office and business use. The “Microsoft Office” is the main product of the Microsoft Corporation.

Having being launched in 1990, it is now available in 35 different languages.  This software program supports any desktop devices which run Windows. Also, Mac and most Linux running systems. Microsoft office is built to make office and business work much more easy with its purpose-built applications. office 365 training can also be done make using of Microsoft offices 365 training

Microsoft Office Online Training Functions of Its Applications

As I have established in this article already. Each of the Microsoft office applications built for office and business use has its own function and purpose. You will find the Microsoft Office applications and their functions below;

  • Microsoft excel – This application of Microsoft office helps in creating complex numerical and data spreadsheets.
  • Microsoft OneNote – This function works in a similar form as a notebook. it helps users to organize their notes in a neat fashion.
  • Publisher – This application helps in creating and publishing marketing materials.
  • Microsoft word – This one helps in creating documents in text.
  • Microsoft access – This is a database management application.
  • PowerPoint – It is a professional application meant in creating multimedia presentations.

However, Microsoft office is available for users in lighter and full versions. more also, you can as well explore more on the Microsoft Office Training from your default browser.