Microsoft store sign up will help you to get access to things you want to get in your PC or your mobile devices. Microsoft store is a digital distribution platform sponsored by Microsoft. It started as an app store for windows 8 and windows server 2012 as the primary means of distributing universal windows platform apps. Microsoft store is a chain of retail stores and an online shopping site, owned and operated by Microsoft and dealing with computers, computer software and consumer electronics.

Microsoft store sign up - Sign up for Microsoft Store for Business

This platform offers signature PCs and tablets like the Microsoft surface and from third parties such as HP, Acer, Lenovo, and VAIO without demos or trial. It also offers windows, Microsoft office and Xbox game consoles, games, and services including on-site Xbox diagnostic. The stores also offer class sessions as well as individual appointments. This platform aims to give a greater level of customer satisfaction by not only having sales staff but also employing technical advisers to help customers with technical questions and issues. Specialists are employed to show customers how to get the most of their software.

Microsoft store sign up is designed to give users access to creating an account. Which enables them to download apps, games, their favorite books and other things they love, to get for free. And also there are some apps, games that are paid for in other to download them. In signing up to this platform you will have access to purchase your favorite devices like, Laptops, game controllers and all other devices.

The Requirement For Microsoft Store Sign Up

To sign up to Microsoft store, there are some things that are needed the platform before you can have the access to sign up or get an account. To sign up applies the following below:

  • Windows 10 computer.
  • Windows 10 mobile.
  • You must have either office 365 account or an AD account before you can sign up.

After you have the above mentioned ready, then you can go ahead to sign up for your Microsoft store.

Steps For Microsoft Store Sign Up

Signing up to Microsoft store, you need to follow some steps. Which will enable you to have an easy way of signing up to the Microsoft store? To complete your Microsoft store sign up, after you are done creating an account with office 365 or Azure AD account, After this follow the steps below:

Note that users need to create an account, especially a business account with the Azure AD account. To enable them to complete the Microsoft store account sign up.