By now we should all know about the Microsoft office platform and all its products. The reason you should have knowledge of Microsoft Office and all of its products is that here in this article, I will be writing on one of its products. And if you want to get a piece of fundamental knowledge on Microsoft word product you need to know what Microsoft is all about.

Microsoft Word - Microsoft Office Products

Most business persons and those persons who work with computer software already know of this, but for those persons who do not know about it, I will be doing a short review on the term “Microsoft office” now before proceeding to the main focus of this article Microsoft word.

What Is Microsoft Office?

I will be cutting right straight to the chase without any delay. This is a suite of desktop applications. These desktop applications are designed specifically for business. This is one of the major product keys of Microsoft Corporation. It was first released in 1990. Its major products consist of PowerPoint, word, excel, access, OneNote, outlook, word and publisher applications. This product of Microsoft is available in 35 different languages worldwide. It is supported by Windows systems, mac, and most Linux variations.

The Microsoft word product key to this product is mainly meant for writing. Microsoft Excel helps users to create simple to complex data and numerical spreadsheets. Access helps with database management. OneNote helps users to alternate to a paper notebook and in the process helps users to neatly organize their works. PowerPoint is used in making multimedia contents and presentations.  The publisher is an introductory application that is used for creating marketing materials. This Microsoft product can also be used in different forms order than being desktop applications. It is also available in lighter and full versions in the form of office web apps and office 365.

What Is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft word is one of the various applications of the Microsoft office tool of the Microsoft Corporation. I have already established this in this article previously. It is a word processor tool or product developed and designed by Microsoft. It is, therefore, safe to say that this tool is part of the Microsoft office tool products. This Microsoft product is currently the most used word processor tool in the market. It can be used in creating documents such as brochures, tests, letters, student’s assignment and so much more. This tool is so easy to use and comprehend and this is due to the useful and yet simple features it possesses.

Microsoft Word Features

This platform has various features that make it easier to use for both study and work and some of these features are listed below;

  • Users can easily arrange documents by adding headers, page numbers, and footers.
  • This product has a feature that lets users protect their documents with password keys
  • Check document easily for grammar and spelling errors

These are some of the features of this Microsoft product.

Microsoft Word Free Download

Normally it will cost you around 10 USD to make use of Microsoft office applications including the Microsoft word product. This is one of the most frequently asked questions by users of this Microsoft product. Well, I will be telling of a way with which you can use this tool for free. At the office platform, Office, users can get basic versions of most office tools. They are the same as the Microsoft tools you are already used to. The only problem is that they run online but are 100% free. To, therefore, make use of this product for free, visit the office online page at Office.