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Do you want to enjoy movies in your comfort zone? Then you should make use of online movies platforms like Movie Ninja. MovieNinja is one of the so many movies platforms the internet has offered to its users to stream movies for free without necessarily visiting movies streaming theaters or buying movies. However, MovieNinja is fully free to watch movies online in very high quality at a very high speed. The movies site happens to be one of the most popular movie streaming platforms to stream Hindi movies and other movies. Besides, the movies on the Movie Ninja platform are free to watch and you are not required to pay before visiting the site to stream movies.

Over the years it has been one of the best websites for streaming movies in very high quality on the internet. MovieNinja has a very large library consisting of so many Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Aside from finding Hollywood and Bollywood movies, you can also check out movies in different languages for streaming. So, therefore, Because of this, this site is popular among so many people all over the world. But because the site has so many users, some movies on the platform might not be functioning. Therefore, you can stream other movies while waiting for later when the movie would play.

According to legal experts, it is made known that websites which offer movies for free streaming are probably illegal. But keep in mind that, streaming from sites that offer free movies is not illegal but it is only illegal when the contents on it have been uploaded without the license of copyright. So, therefore, since Movie Ninja offers movies for free streaming in high quality to its users without a copyright license the movie platform is illegal. Also be reminded that since the platform is illegal, and some countries consider piracy as an illegal act. If caught streaming from websites like MovieNinja could attract a strict penalty. To avoid this, you should activate your VPN.


As mentioned earlier, Movie Ninja contains a very large library of movies. Therefore, making it orderly and well organized giving its users a very easy-to-use site, grouped its movies into different categories. With these categories, there is no problem when trying to locate a movie of your choice. Also, aside from this category, you can make use of the search engine too MovieNinja offers to you to locate movies by title. Below are MovieNinja categories;

  • Tv series
  • Latest movies
  • Top rated 2021
  • Top rated 2020
  • Greatest movies
  • Top rated 2019
  • Top IMDB
  • Most Viewed
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Biography
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • History
  • Horror
  • Musical
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Sport
  • Thriller
  • War

You can however choose whichever category you feel is very suitable for you to stream movies from and stream movies in your comfort zone or wherever you are in high quality just like that of a cinema. New to MovieNinja? See simple streaming steps below.

How to Stream on MovieNinja

Streaming on MovieNinja is as easy as streaming on so many other movies website. All you just need is a stable internet connection and an internet-connected device. With that, you can now open your web browser and start streaming movies freely on Movie Ninja. Here are steps on how to stream on MovieNinja below;

  • Visit the MovieNinja official website @
  • Locate and click on a movie you want to stream
  • On the movie page, scroll down to the streaming section
  • Tap on the play button to start your streaming
  • If you want to stream in full screen, click on the full screen icon.

To stream movies on this site without ads interruption, you should process the Movie Ninja sign-up. Although, the sign-up icon is not visible on the site homepage. But it would be shown to you when you have clicked on a movie to start streaming.

 In conclusion, processing the sign-up gives you free access to so many unique features Movie Ninja has to offer which include; latest movie updates, unlimited streaming and downloading, user-friendly and many more. Therefore, click on the sign-up button, enter your details and start enjoying all the features the site offers.