How do i Log into MSN Email? on the contrary, MSN login is a web portal that allows users to sign into the page that requires your id through your android devices. MSN login has two kinds of emails which are Hotmail and outlook mail. It was designed, developed, and created by windows 95 operating services on the year august 24, 1995. MSN login was one of the biggest and popular web services but later change its name brand to help and promote other website portals such as hot mail and Microsoft messenger services.

MSN Login - How to Login msn email | Msn Mail

Furthermore, an MSN email login account allows you to use the MSN software that serves as an internet software just as a browser which allows you to view and read your MSN mail online or offline easily. It an email program and a manage downloader.

How to Create a New MSN Account Mai/MSN sign up

It easy and simple to create an MSN account by following this step to access your account and then login into your account to view your MSN mail.

  • Go to
  • Select create an MSN account
  • Enter your email address for a new member of the MSN mail account
  • Use a phone number instead
  • Tap on the Next button in the blue box to create an MSN mail account.

Finally, you have created your MSN account which did not take you a whole day. It was just a few minutes of steps to create the account.

How to Login MSN Email Account Portal

Some users find it difficult to Login to MSN result most especially those who are significant in the first. Here the steps to take to sign in to your MSN account.

  • Go to on your mobile devices or pc
  • Then click on the MSN to sign in at the top of the page right-hand conner
  • Enter your Microsoft account information which requires your email address, phone number, or skype
  • You can sign in with your security key
  • Click on the Next button and get access to your MSN account

However, you can use your outlook office, one drive, or other Microsoft services available on the MSN homepage to sign in. You can as well from the account when you’re done so that people won’t get access to your MSN account. Just click on your account profile at the right hand of the account page. Click on sign out and you will completely leave.

Problems Faced when logging in to your MSN Account

There are some issues you will face when trying to login into your account MSN Login. It does not happen all the time. but here some login problems you might easily come across.

  • Firstly, will be your password it might be either an incorrect password or you’re using another password to login into the account. Such will cause a login problem.
  • Your account might be blocked from you to get access to login into your account.

These are the most common problems faced by users of MSN account and there are ways to fix these problems perfectly.

How to Fix and Recover your MSN Account Online.

For users who want to fix their MSN Login issues but can’t find a way to fix it properly to start working. Here are ways to fix the MSN login problem follow it steps by steps and recover your account back.

  • Make sure your android is connected to your MSN account before you will be able to recover it.
  • Open your and use the recover my account
  • Then on the homepage enter your email address, your password must be strong or your username is written properly.
  • Check your email server status or check your virtual private server
  • To get access to your outlook server status visit outlook down today
  • After it has loaded then check the account setting.
  • Check your browser and update it 
  • Update your email address and your MSN will start working
  • Make sure you check your security setting is working well.

Disable the antivirus to resolve the login issues and enable it to work perfectly fine. These are the ays on how to find a solution to your problems.