This is a new way for people to come together around music by bringing official music videos to Facebook.  You will be able to discover, watch and share music videos from top artists to upcoming bands and classics across various music genres on Facebook. Music on Facebook makes it easy to share and discover music videos that matter to you and your friends. Like any video on Facebook, comment on and share music videos that are important to you or reflect your current mood. You can also discover new artists from music videos shared by friends in News feeds. Connect with fans who share your passion in a Facebook Group. However, you can follow your favorite artists to stay up to date and see their latest music videos and posts in your News feed.

Music on Facebook - How to Upload & Share Music on Facebook

Follow an artist directly from a music video, you can click through from a video to their page to learn more about them and find information like when they next, they are performing and where to buy their music. Users can now use music in stories and profiles, to use it you need to tap the Music sticker and select the song of your choice. Facebook allows you to share all aspect of your life with your friends including your love for music. You can load your favorite songs to your Facebook profile as a way to connect with friends and promote the works of artiste you like. In addition, you can even use your Facebook page to promote your own music career, upload original songs to help get them circulated among your supporters.

How Do I Upload Music on Facebook?

Uploading music on your Facebook will allow you share your favorite songs and album with your Facebook friends. You can either put music on Facebook using the sharing feature available on most third-party websites. Here’s how to upload music on Facebook.

  • Navigate to the website that features the music you want to share
  • Click the share button located next to the music selection you want
  • When asked how you want to share your selection, select the option for Facebook
  • Enter your Facebook login information
  • Type a news update to follow the music selection if desired,
  • Click on “share”.

In addition, before you upload music on Facebook, be aware of the limitations and rights, Facebook limits each upload to 1,024MB or 20 minutes in length. However, Facebook protects IP rights of others if they can prove ownership pf the content, so to avoid confrontation, post only content you can legally upload online.

Share Music to Friend on Facebook

Text messages are not the only content you can send to your friend over Facebook chat, you can always upload pictures, videos and music from your computer. As long as you don’t share a song that is not copyright protected or is illegal to share. Follow these steps below and you can share music to that your close friend.

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Open a chat to your friend who you wish to share the song.
  • Click Options, ii is styled as a gear icon, in the upper right corner of the chat tab
  • Select Add files from the drop-down menu
  • Select the song you want to share from the dialog box and click “Open.”

Furthermore, you have to wait until the series of bars next to the songs name disappear, this will indicate that the song upload is complete. Then you can now Enter key to complete the process and share the song with your friend.