MusicBee – How To Download MusicBee On Android Device For Free

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MusicBee is a music player that helps users arrange and manage their music in a well-organized collection and can be controlled from your android device. However, this is a platform whereby the user downloads the remote controller on their Android device and enjoy unlimited music from their Android device. Also, MusicBee Android is like a third party application for android users and make it not affiliated in any way with MusicBee. The platform requires a device running at least Android v4.1 along with a wireless network connection to function.

MusicBee - How To Download MusicBee On Android Device For Free
MusicBee – How To Download MusicBee On Android Device For Free

MusicBee Android gets every basic track information display artist, title, album, year of release and artwork of all music on the platform. However, the platform got every Basic Player control and also the Last FM account scrobbling on/off. The platform is a 5-star rating playback progress display and control with lyrics support and library browsing support. With the ability to enqueue or play tracks with basic playlist support. the platform also allows users to import your music library from your computer to your Android device if you are currently using iTunes or Windows Media Player.

How do You Sync MuiscBee to my Device?

You can sync your music library from your MusicBee on your computer to your device. Which is very easy if you are using iTunes and Windows media player. However, the Android version is compatible to play music from its android device with the MusicBee remote. Also, to be able to sync you need to have a rooted phone. Here are a few steps on how to sync the platform to Android;

  • Install Samba Filesharing for Android.
  • Set up Samba and configure settings for external SD Card if needed.
  • For best syncing results, allow Samba to use a wake lock when running. To prevent unnecessary battery drain, you can disable Samba when not syncing.
  • Open My Computer on the PC, find the device in Network, right-click on the network folder. inside the device that you want to assign a network drive and select “Map Network Drive…”, select a drive letter.
  • If you have configured Samba with a username and password and have trouble logging from Windows. try using WORKGROUP/Username instead of just Username.
  • Open MusicBee, right-click the network drive in the Computer node, select “Manage Folders”. and then “Set X as a Virtual Device”.
  • Right-click on the virtual device and go into “Device Settings” to configure.

MusicBee DownloadDownload MusicBee Remote On Android

Downloading the MusicBee Remote on your android device gives you the access to control your playlists from anywhere. Furthermore, the platform gives the user the benefit to control their music player. This can be done from home and office with any android device. Here are a few steps on how to Download its Remote On your device;

  • Launch your Google Play Store on your Android Device.
  • At the homepage of the Google Play Store click on the search bar and wait.
  • Input the keyword MusicBee Remote and search. The app with a Bee is a MusicBee click on download.
  • After the download complete install immediately.

It also allows users to add songs from your CD collection to your Library and synchronize with your android devices. However, the platform gives the option to reduce volume pause/stop playback. This is very helpful when you have an incoming call from your device. Note that the MusicBee platform is not supported on IOS devices.