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OfficeMax is an American company that focuses on consumables and equipment that are regularly used in an office. This is more like an office supplies retailer. OfficeMax is a subsidiary of Office Depot which was founded in 1988.

OfficeMax - Office Depot Supplies and Furniture |
OfficeMax – Office Depot Supplies and Furniture |

This is a retail company that has over a thousand stores across the United States. It was said that OfficeMax operated 941 stores in over 40 states in the United States. OfficeMax had an all-stock merger with Office Depot in 2013.

The essence of the merger between OfficeMax and Office Depot is to create a large office supplies chain in the United States. It headquarters is located in 6600 North Military Trail Boca Rato, Florida United States of America.

OfficeMax – OfficeDepot Web Platform

As we all know OfficeMax is now a subsidiary of Office Depot inc. A user who wants to visit the web portal can make use of but note that you will be redirected to which is now the official URL portal.

On OfficeDepot web, portal users can place an order and get them delivered to their doorstep. There is an offer for free delivery on orders above $35 and free in-store pickup. There are lots of products well arrange in various categories such as

  • Office supplies.
  • Paper.
  • Ink & Toner.
  • Breakroom.
  • Cleaning.
  • Technology.
  • Furniture.
  • School Supplies.
  • Copy & print.
  • Deals.

These are various sections on the OfficeMax web portal where all products and services can be found. This is an online shopping portal for any office supplies and services. Users can also add items to their carts. Get amazing offers on office products and services when you click on deals.

Benefits of Visiting OfficeMax | OfficeDepot Online Portal

OfficeDepot has made it possible that users can shop for their office supplies online. This is done by visiting the official web portal either via mobile phone or web browser.

Users can always purchase an office product and as well make payments online. There are also options for delivery of the product or in-store pickup when you purchase a product on the web portal.

One good thing about the web platform is that it’s open 24/7 and users can always access it any time of the day. There are lots of discounts on most office products when you make a purchase online.

OfficeMax App | OfficeDepot App

Users can download the OfficeMax app its available on Google play store and another top mobile store. Download the app today it’s free and open to all users who already have an account.

If you have been thinking about how to use the app. Note that it’s very easy to use both on apple and android devices. You can always search for the app using the search bar menu on any mobile store with the keyword Office Depot.

How to Order a Product on OfficeMax | OfficeDepot

An online shop is one of the most comfortable ways to shop. This is because you can simply make an order at your comfort and get it delivered to your doorstep. A user can also make payment for the product he or she orders online.

On you can shop for office supplies online. But note that users who want to order any product or service online have to register for an account on the OfficeMax portal. Click here to get OfficeDepot to sign up tips.

You can register for an account and fill in all your information’s this enables you to place and manage orders on this platform. Get discounts on all products and services on this great platform.

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