OkCupid is a platform that helps its user find a date which might, fortunately, lead life partner. However, the platform allows you to express your opinion, wants and needs. You should also be ready to drop yourself into the dating pool and ready to get a date. The OkCupid app allows you to find folks immediately you sign-in then you start in a section called ‘double-take’. This section is full of different types of profiles. Swiping left to pass, or right to show your interest on a particular profile.

OkCupid App - OkCupid Mobile App

OkCupid app is full of great features whereby one of them is the swipe feature. However, every user profile offers up a select number of photos that are easy to click into and swipe through with a few extra steps. Moreover, the OkCupid app allows you to click into the lifestyle and dating sections to better discover how you match with a particular person. Also, digging deeper into the search tool the app always saves your preferred age range and what gender you’re interested in.

Is the OkCupid app free?

Yes, the app is free to download, install and use. However, every basic account on OkCupid is entirely free forever. Some premium features offer some advanced usability of the app. However, the platform was designed so that the free account doesn’t hinder the use of the mobile app. The paid features are great to have but not completely necessary for using the platform. 

How to Download the App?

OkCupid Mobile App is available for free download on iPhone and Android which makes it very simple and easy. However, the app will let you browse and connect with matches based on your preferences and their distance from you. You get to meet people locally and get the opportunity to know them better. This is what makes the difference in the OkCupid app. Here are a few steps on how to download OkCupid;

OkCupid Mobile App on iPhone

  • Navigate to the App store on your device.
  • At the app store navigate to the bottom corner clicking on the search icon.
  • At the search bar input OkCupid as the keyword and click search, you will be shown many search results.
  • The app with pink and blue alphabet letters (OKC) is the official OkCupid app. Click on ‘Get’ to start downloading immediately.

OkCupid Mobile App on Android 

  • Navigate to the google play store on your device.
  • At the top of the page on the search bar click on it and input your keywords Okcupid
  • You will be shown many search results. The app with pink and blue alphabet letters (OKC) is an official OkCupid app.
  • Click on ‘Download’ to finish downloading and install.

OkCupid Mobile App allows you to sign in your account and also sign up if you don’t have an account with the platform yet. However, you also get the option to limit search results to users that have been online. Also, within the last day, week, month or even year. Importantly, the platform makes you close to your profile’s personality sections be it age, education or an individual’s bio.