Omegle Website – Omegle Text Chat

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Omegle is an online social media network that allows users to socialize with each other without the need to register. The Omegle randomly pairs users to chat with each other with a one-on-one chat session where they get to chat anonymously. Literally, the platform allows you to chat with strangers which comes with names like “You” and “Stranger” or rather “Stranger 1” and “Stranger 2” in the case of spy mode. The spy mode is indeed the aspect of video chatting with a stranger on the Omegle website.

Omegle Website - Omegle Text Chat

Omegle Website is a platform that allows you to stop any conversation. With a stranger at any time you wish to stop chatting. However, the Omegle website offers the ability to add interests, which makes it easier to find people who are randomized but also are interested in some of the same things you are. With the upgrade of the website year by year the platform keeps coming with new features and benefits.

Is the Omegle Website Safe – Omegle Text Chat

Omegle Text Chat platform that connects people randomly with strangers worldwide. Not like the Omegle website is a very secure platform you have to be careful. Moreover, You need to understand that human behavior is uncontrollable. And that people you encounter on the platform will be total strangers. However, Omegle website is one of the less safe popular websites which has weak connection encryption. Here are a few Importantly steps on how to be safe on this platform; 

  • Don’t disclose your email address to any stranger either on the website or App.
  • Sharing your Facebook profile and your mobile phone number is prohibited.
  • Don’t access the links you will be sent to by the person you are chatting with.

How to Start Chatting on Omegle Website

Omegle website is very simple and straight forward to start chatting on. However, since the website is a free access platform you don’t need to sign up or log in even before you start chatting on this platform all you just need is a mobile phone and a PC with an active connection internet. Here are a few steps on how to start chatting on Omegle website; 

  • Launch any web browser either on your mobile phone or PC 
  • Go to
  • At the homepage, you will have to choose an option to start chatting either by Text or Video.
  • After choosing your option you will be pair to a stranger in which you will communicate with either him or her in the chat bar.

Omegle website is full of special new features to the text and video modes of chatting. Moreover, with the option to input interest tags, adding interest lets users be paired with a stranger. Strangers are pair with each other by what they have in common with users. Users can input as many interests as he or she would like for more pair stranger. It should be noted that all users on this platform are ready to have fun.