Open a Facebook Store – How to Open a Facebook Store

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Do you want to open a Facebook store? If you are seriously thinking about opening a Facebook store for your products and goods then you are headed in the right path. In the world today getting products is not just the basics of business. Though getting products is important. But selling them is more important. This is the reason you got the products in the first place, to sell them. Marketing is now the fundamentals of every business. You must be a good marketer or get someone to help you market if you want to sell your goods. That’s just how it works.

Open a Facebook Store - How to Open a Facebook Store

According to survey marketing is not the issue or problem. The real problem most retailers and business persons have with online stores is the cost of setting up and running these online stores. No surprise the world of online stores is a competitive one. People keep looking for platforms to set up an online stores thereby making demand high. So therefore if you want to be in business you have to be up against the task of satisfying customers.

Now, though there are lots of online selling platforms or online stores. But only a few of these platforms are free. The price of setting up online stores is outrageous. The very few platforms that are free have little to no features available to retailers. And this is a major problem to online retailers. Now how will you feel if I tell you that there is a platform that is both free and has great features? You won’t even know that the platform is a free one when you start making use of it. This platform is the facebook store platform.

What Is the Facebook Store Platform?

The facebook store platform is a feature on facebook where users can sell directly to other facebook users. It is similar to other facebook features like the facebook buy and sell groups and the facebook marketplace. This feature on the other hand can only be integrated via a facebook page. What I mean is that you can only get access to this facebook feature through the facebook page.

How to Set Up a Facebook Store

To set up a facebook store is easy. You do not need any special type of expertise to set up a facebook store. But you need to know how. Before you can set up a facebook store you need a facebook page. to set up a facebook page go to and follow the on screen instructions to create your facebook page. Once you are done creating your facebook page follow the steps below

  1. Click on the add section tab on your facebook page just below your cover photo.
  2. Click on the add shop tab on the next page.
  3. From the next page you will have to carefully follow the on screen options and instructions to successfully set up your store.

That’s all you need to set up your store if only you follow the steps carefully.

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