Outlook Live – Access Outlook Live From Different Browsers

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With outlook live many people can get more of what they want most in the outlook platform. Outlook live is built on the Microsoft Exchange platform. Bringing you the enterprise-grade tools chosen by the majority of fortune 1000 companies. You can log on to your outlook live using your school ID. Which enable you to share calendars, create distribution lists for study groups, email-reports, or outlines? Also IM friends or teachers on the spot and do it all from any web browser. Any time, any place, without the commercial advertising so common to other popular email applications.

This Outlook feature is a set of web services and software products from Microsoft as part of its software plus service platform. However, Outlook live has been superseded by a product brand office 365. This platform is designed to run on some particular windows. Windows such as Windows 7, windows server 2008 R2, and Windows 8, and also compatible with windows 10. This platform offers a user interface that matches the other windows mail. And gives users the ability to reply directly via email to the author of an item that appears in an RSS feed. And also offers the ability to aggregate multiple feeds into a single folder.


Outlook live offers many advantages to its users. However, it makes work easy for them to perform their various tasks. The following below are some advantages.

Clear out the clutter: It helps to reduce information overload when accessing it. The conversation view keeps related emails grouped together. So users can save time through long email threads within a single view.

Store more: It rests assured that you won’t lose any data using Outlook live. This platform provides a 10-GB inbox to its users and allows for 20-MB attachments.

Take control: This platform gives its users access to take control of their emails. In essence that it allows them to manage their groups, notifications, account settings, and more by clicking the options button.

Manage multiple projects with ease: Organize messages and appointments according to the subject by creating filters for important topics. It also helps to keep track of all the items related to you.

How To Access Outlook Live From Different Browsers

To access the outlook live to use the familiar interface from windows and Mac operating systems on the following browsers:

Go to https://outlook.live.com. Using the following web browsers.

  • Internet Explorer.
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Google Chrome.

Well, no matter the platform you used to access your account you will always have access to your account. You can access your inbox, calendar, and contacts. Make sure you always connect to the wireless network to help you access your account.