Outlook sign up is creating an account to which you can access the free email services offered by Microsoft. It only takes minutes to create this account which is available as part of Microsoft office with Outlook Sign up. If you are visiting this portal for the first time you need to sign up for an account in other to make use of their services.

Outlook Sign Up

This provides will a focused inbox for your most important emails and text formatting features to personalize your outgoing email to enable you to access easily. With a Window PC, Mobile phones or tablet you can access the Outlook sign up link.

Outlook Sign up offers you the access to enjoy all features of this personal information manager. These features include webmail, calendar, contacts, and troubleshooting. So, before you sign in to Outlook make sure that you have followed the instruction on Outlook sign in.

Outlook Sign Up – How to Create Your Outlook Account.

Outlook signup is very easy to accomplish. only if the instructions are well understood and all information correctly offered in the appropriate sections provided.

If you have previously created a Microsoft account You can use your details to open an Email account with Outlook. Or you have already signed in to a Window PC Xbox Live, Outlook.com or OneDrive you can also use that Email to Sign up. But if you have not. Follow this simple instruction to sign up for new Outlook email address.

  1. On your web browser, go to the Outlook.com sign up page.
  2. Click on Create Account.
  3. Enter your First name and last name in the section provided.
  4. Choose a preferred username @Outlook.com. example “usernamename@Outlook.com
  5. Enter your chosen password which is a minimum of 8-characters.
  6. Re-enter your password.
  7. Select your Country/ Region on the section.
  8. Enter your birth info which is the date, month and year.
  9. Click on the field to select your Gender. And provide the remaining basic info.

After You have provided the necessary info needed. Click on Create Outlook account icon. Before clicking on create Outlook account which is on Outlook sign up page. make sure that you have read through Microsoft Services Agreement. Because clicking on the icon means that you agree to all terms and conditions that cover the Microsoft consumer products and services.

After you have completed the Outlook Sign up Process you then become a user. Outlook sign up gives all users access to connect all their emails, calendar, and files to a convenient spot where they can be easily found.

Outlook Login Tips

if you have signed up for a new account you don’t need to sign up again to visit the platform. You can always Login to your account with the information you provided when signing up. Just have in mind that whenever you want to visit this platform as a returning user all you don’t have to click on Outlook sign up anymore. By doing so you will need to enter your login information after you have click on Sign.

Once you have click on sign in you, enter your Email, Phone Number, or Skype ID and click on Next icon. You will also need to enter your password in the next page. Once you enter your password correctly click on sign in. Note that you have the keep your login information safe and private from other users.