Can I access PayPal account sign up for free or sign Up for a business account? on the contrary, PayPal account sign up is an act of accessing an online payment platform to create a profile for transferring, receiving, buy online, pay online, & sending payment to anybody or account. However, as we all known that PayPal is a financial technology company. That offers users with an online payment money transfer and serve as electronic alternative to traditional methods. PayPal account is free to all users and doesn’t require any fee or charges when creating an account. You can access your account by login but if you don’t have an account you can click on the sign up icon on home page. or follow the below steps.

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Therefore, creating or sign Up for a new account give users full access to make use of their services without any stress. Besides, PayPal account Sign Up is free and you can register it by visiting their official website on your PC with Chrome. Everyone who makes use of an online platform or any secure platform that requires user to login or sign up process needs to save his or her personal information. This platform or section where your information is saved is refer to as user account.

Is PayPal Account Sign Up Safe

talking about is PayPal safe to use? PayPal online payment services is highly secure for financial services. In which they give users high confident and backed up with best end-end encryption available. Meanwhile, users accessing the PayPal account after signing Up for account should at least make use of the two-factor authentication and delete any unused bank account or email address.

PayPal Account Sign Up

Creating an account is very easy and fast. You can make use of PC or a mobile device. All you need is an email address in which you want to link your account to. Your email address is going to be your login ID. If you are visiting for the first time below is a step by step process on how to set up an account.

How to create a PayPal Account

  1. Launch any Web browser app on your device and enter the url on the url Web feed.
  2. Click on the sign up icon on to start the account creation process.
  3. Select the paypal account you want ether personal account or business account.
  4. Select a country where you are from and enter your email address in the next feed.
  5. Enter your password and enter the same password in the confirmation box.
  6. Enter the verification code in the last feed and click on continue icon.
  7. This page contains your personal information. Now enter your name, date of birth, nationality, street address, city, province, postal code, and mobile number.
  8. After filling all feeds with accurate information click on the agree and continue icon to proceed.

After a successful completion of the above steps, there is still one more stage. This is the final stage where you need enter your card information. Such as card number, CSC and Expiration Date. This enable you to pay without exposing your card number or other information on your card to the seller.

You don’t need to re-enter your card information whenever you want to make payment after you have fill in your card details on the paypal account sign up page. Note paypal we never ask you to send your card information as an email or sms.

This is one of the most secure payment systems with a one click access. This is a payment system that is been used by almost all eBay users and on thousands of online stores.
Signing up give you access to own a PayPal account. You can now send and receive money with the account you just set up. But note that you can always login into your account at any time.