The PayPal prepaid it’s an easy card that allow you refund your account and also enables you to purchase any kind of suppliers for personal use or for businesses use. PayPal Prepaid also allow you to send and receive online securely payment with an email address using the credit card or bank account. The PayPal is one of the popular electronic pay systems. The PayPal prepaid makes payment easy and gives no stress. It’s also has the attribute of sending money quick than using check.

PayPal Prepaid - How to Activate & Add Funds to  PayPal Prepaid |

The PayPal Prepaid can be used for credit or debit card and also limited to purchase in store and businesses that accept cash of check. Owns you notice that you are running out of fund you must refill the card before you will able to use again. Once you buy anything with your PayPal prepaid you will defiantly see alert for all transaction. You can also deposit check payment or certain payment without any fee.  The PayPal prepaid insure and secure all the funds you place into your account with the help of the federal deposit insurance corporation.

How To Get A PayPal Prepaid 

You can get the PayPal prepaid card from this group of place such as the grocery store and drug store even online, or from bank and credit unions. But if your card was purchase online you need to issue the virtual card or a physical card. Now you should be able to purchase you PayPal prepaid card.

How Do I Activate My PayPal Prepaid

You can activate your PayPal prepaid card online using your web browser on your computer without stress. How can you get this done its easy when you follow the instruction?

  • Open your web browser and paste the URL On your browser.
  • Then you will be taking to the page were you will able to activate your card account.
  • Click the Activate your Card Account here.
  •  You will have to type the card number into the first blank shown.
  •  Then input the CVC code into the second blank show to you. Which is the three digit number at the back of the card
  • Click on the Continue icon at the bottom of the page.
  • You will have to fill out the form with your correct information.
  • Create a 4 digit pin that you will remember.
  • And click on the Continue bottom.

Now you get the process of how you can activate you PayPal pre-paid card. After your PayPal prepped card has been activated you can refund it before it can be used. Does this right will surely help you a lots.

Fund Your PayPal Prepaid

To fund your PayPal account is quite easy if you follow the steps guided. Funding your PayPal Prepaid give you access to use it in any store that you wish to get good for your personal self and order things online,  also be used in business accept to. You can fund your PayPal Pre card through the use of

Direct Deposit

This is so easy and has no cost way to add all part of your pay check to your Pay Pal Prepaid is a must you enroll in direct deposit in order for your card to receive the electronic deposit.

PayPal Instant Transfers

This will make you transfer fund instantly from your PayPal pre paid account to your card account which solve the problem. It’s quite easy if you understand the process.

In addition, when you activate your card online, you will be ask to log in with your PayPal Prepaid credentials during that process your PayPal Prepaid card will automatically added to your wallet as an addition payment. Once all this processing is done you can now work up to any restaurant, store, and order online with the PayPal pre-paid.