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In order to get an app that gives you access to watch full length free movies in both U.S and Canada, popcornflix is your best bet. Hence, you should be aware that Popcornflix is a premium app for watching free length movies on your smartphone devices or tablets. Users have free access to watch over 600 films instantly without any fees or subscription. Moreover, Popcornflix is the perfect place to watch videos and listen to audios online. It is a great platform that basically gives room to share, upload and view videos but these videos can not be downloaded.

Popcornflix - Watch Free Movies & TV Shows Online |  Popcornflix Downloader

Furthermore, popcornflix helps users stream movies and TV shows on their Android or iOS devices. This involves zero subscription and it is 100% legal to use. Moreover, these TV shows and movies, shows some of the biggest stars in the world. These includes Robert Downey, Jr., Brie Larson, Brad Pitt, Olivia Wilde, Ryan Reynolds and Ben Affleck.

Genres on Popcornflix

Nevertheless, there are movies in different categories ranging from new titles, hidden gems and most popular titles that you might have missed. You can now have access to your favourite genres on Popcornflix which are:

  • Action
  • Family / Kids
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Triller
  • Documentaries
  • Bollywood
  • Drama
  • Urban
  • Espanola md many more.

There are several contents Popcornflix adds every week for users to enjoy. So you can stream as much as you want and also check back to view 100% free updated contents.

Top 10 Download List on Popcornflix

There are various download lists on Popcornflix but the top 10 is given below:

  • Free Kundli Software
  • Malo
  • Star Sport Live Cricker
  • Procreate Pocket
  • Varamozhi
  • Oriya TV HD
  • Free Astrology Software
  • Sony SAB TV
  • IRCTC Rail Connect
  • Live Ten Sports

Special Features of Popcornflix

However, It may interest you to know that Popcornflix is free. All you have to do is download the app on your smartphone or log in through your web browser. However, for entertainment to come alive, you need to feel it. That is why Popcornflis is built to be the most user-friendly movie destination on the web. Let’s look at the special features of popcornflix below:

  • The Popcornflix has a comfortable and friendly user experience.
  • Users can stream unlimited TV shows and movies on your tablet, phone, TV and laptop without paying more.
  • You have access to stream over 700 films at a goal.
  • You can enjoy safe viewing experience just for children with family-friendly entertainment.
  • All video contents can be viewed in 7 languages.
  • You can download titles to your device and watch offline wherever you are. This helps you save data.
  • There’s no need for subscription or fees.
  • You have unlimited views of different films.
  • You can have access to new films that are added on a daily basis.
  • Personalized recommendation to help you discover what you love most.
  • There is granted access to offline downloads for watching shows and movies on the go.

So, these special features give you insight on what you can enjoy on Popcornflix. Besides, these features can only be accessed after you have downloaded Popcornflix app on your smartphone devices or through your web browser.