Have you heard of the PrestaShop facebook store? Recent studies have shown just how much important the internet is to our product sales. But how is this, a curious person may ask. Well ever since the launch of the internet more persons have been making use of it due to exposure and other factors.

Prestashop Facebook Store- Facebook Shop

I am not surprised by this development though. I mean come to think of it, the internet has made life as easy as ever. With the internet you can do anything you want and also be anything you want. You can make friends form other regions easily without having to travel at all. You can also send and transfer money to friends without having to visit any form of banking hall. If I should continue I wouldn’t stop.

In general the internet has done more good than harm in all fairness. Now what has the internet got to do with the prestashop facebook store? Here it is. One of the revelations and key components of the internet is the social media. The social media is a place where people can go and socialize. Now with the social media come a lot of benefits and uses.

It is now the best hunting ground for marketers and retailers worldwide. The social media platforms in the world today are much but the facebook social media platform gets the nod here. in other words it is the best social media platform. it is so big that it has an active weekly users of over 2billion people worldwide. That’s just how big it is. Now most retailers and business persons alike have known of this and are therefore setting up their own platforms in this social medial platform called facebook.

What Is Prestashop

The PrestaShop is an e-commerce platform. It is an online store platform like Ecwid and Shopify. They all work in a similar vein. It is one of the best ecommerce platforms out there in the world today. Now getting a Prestashop online store is good but it is not that adequate. If you want more from your prestashop online platform you need to integrate it with a social media platform. And the best social media platform right now is the facebook platform. Facebook has a feature that is very compatible with this

How to Link Your Prestashop to Your Facebook Page

This is very easy. It shouldn’t cause you any trouble at all. All you have to do is to follow the steps below;

  1. On your prestashop account click on modules in the dashboard menu.
  2. Use the search bar to look for the official facebook pixel.
  3. When you find it click on install.
  4. Click on configuration on the next page.
  5. you will have to copy and paste your pixel ID
  6. Lastly click on save.

That’s all, like I promised. It shouldn’t cause you any trouble.