Privacy policy

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This is how we collect information and process the information that was collected

a users personal information can be getting in so many ways like for instant may be you as a visitor saw a lick about us or one of our page on facebook. and you visitd our site through that link we can actually gets all the information we need from that link. Same thing apples to other social media. we not sell or rent your personal data to third parties.

Tell a Friend about

You can share out link with friends and tell them more about We have created a share button that allows you to share our links with friends. We are trying our best to give out the best and warmest welcome support to our entire new visitor who is visiting our site for the first time. You can use any welcome message to welcome new visitor on our behalf using your cell phone or right from your contact list. is not asking you to import your contact information from your contact list right to our site. Send a visitor a message or an email right from your email note that you are using your own record and we are not sending away your contact and we don’t have any data of any one in your contact list. Sending an sms is at your own cost as we do not control the usage of data on your cell phone.

Personal Data Investigation

The information about a particular user is known as Data. We keep and collect this information in so many ways. Both outsiders and administrators help in investigating movement of visitors in our site. We also have some instrument that helps in the investigation of data sent by your program or browsers. And tells us more about the page you visit and how you to our site. This investigation is simple manage by our administrator.

How we Treats Data

Due to our visitors increase in numbers on a daily base and our content. We get to know each and every one point of interest from our Cookies Policy. When you visit for the first time we automatically send you a treats (this is a record with strings of alphanumerical characters) to your PC that always recognizes your program and identify what device you are using. This information is use to help sign in faster and upgrade your visit through the site. We also get back data from out treats on how you send data and how you use our service. This treats tell us more about the connection you are using, the page you visited and so many more. This help us to track every movement in our site.

Owner of the Data Processing System
Lagos Nigeria
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Phone: +2348033096286