Instagram is a photo compiling social network where all photos posted can be accessed, liked and commented upon. The more the Instagram followers the more the number of people that will always see the post you put up. While there are numerous advantages of having an open Instagram account where everyone can follow like or repost your photos and contents, there are some known hazards to this also. Hence the need to have private Instagram accounts.

Private Instagram Account - How to Make Instagram Account Private

It has been documented that some users take liberty to throw caution in the air and rather take the freedom of following for granted. This and many more are some of the reasons why the private Instagram account is now very popular.

Reasons For Private Instagram Accounts

In as much as having an open Instagram account offers users the chance to grow their Instagram followers, there is need for some users to have private Instagram accounts. The reasons are highlighted below:

  • Instagram stalkers will not get through to you.
  • You will be able to have control over the kind of persons you want to have access to your photos and contents.
  • Inappropriate messages can not be sent from unknown users.
  • Your privacy is only open to those you want to open it to.

The implication of making an Instagram account private is that before a user can follow you, they will first send a friend’s request to you. You on turn can then check their face and profile to determine if you want them to follow you or not. The final decision will lie with you. If you reject the request, such user will not be able to follow you, hence can not have access to your content.

How to Make Instagram Account Private

setting your Instagram account private is an easy and fast process to take. The process to make your once open Facebook account to become private. Below is a way to make your Instagram account private;

  • Visit your profile.
  • Select the “settings” icon.
  • Scroll down to reveal “Set as private account”.
  • Joggle to the ON just beside the “Set as Private account”
  • Your account is now private.

When ever you wish to make the account open to everyone, just go to that “set as private account” aspect on settings and joggle to OFF. It is better to have limited followers on Instagram than to have to deal with so many followers, amongst which might be a stalker or someone who sends annoying things to you. You could as well decide to block any such user that is discovered.