ProtonMail is an end-to-end encrypted email service in which the platform uses the client-side to protect email contents and user data. However, the platform is one of the best email services that get your email to protect from prying eyes either on the web interface and mobile apps. Also, the platform offers more productivity features of a mail service. The platform gives every user the benefits of a free version of the ProtonMail and also a Premium service. However, anyone can sign up for Protonmail and get 500 MB of online storage for free.

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ProtonMail premium service is really important to large business owners and organization which send and receive large emails per day. However, the premium services include up to 20GB of storage in addition to priority customer support and other productivity features. Also, the free version service of this platform should suffice if you send an email with encryption. When you exchange emails with another user. The message is full of encryption with their key in your browser or mobile app.

Can ProtonMail be trusted?

Yes, I know this is a challenging question to many users which could be only answered with the effective use of the platform. However, the platform is loyal to the highest levels of transparency so you know exactly who you are trusting. Also, this transparency extends to its communications with clear privacy policy. The platform has online one motive which is privacy to protect their user with great customer support. However, they also show competence enough to do their jobs properly. Which is every user believes before they could trust an organist ion.

Is ProtonMail free?

ProtonMail is a free email service for the public good but you can get the help of support online privacy by selecting a paid account. Moreover, the basic account is with limited features. Which are their privacy is a fundamental human right so we provide free accounts as a public service. Also, you could secure your email with advanced features with a plus plan. Also, you can have the most Advanced secure email account with just 4.00euro per month.

Can Email be traced?

This platform appears to be able to add a layer of security by helping to mask the originating IP of any packets sent over the network. However, you are using, according to the platform they can’t decrypt your mail. Also, it impossible for other platforms which are Zero Access to user data.

An email sent from one ProtonMail account to another is will be with encryption with the public key of the receipt. However, emails sent from ProtonMail email addresses may be in plain text or with end-end encryption.

ProtonMail Sign Up

ProtonMail widely known as the easiest, most secure way to send emails privately and anonymously but you need to Sign up first. However, the email service stores on its servers are encrypted and only you can decipher it with messages being exchanged with other ProtonMail users. Also, web and mobile app interfaces include folders found in other email platforms (such as Archive and Spam). Also, it includes color-coded labels, stars to make messages stand out and rules to automatically label incoming mail.

ProtonMail Sign up is the very first step every business owner or organization is trying to find a secure email service provided. However, the platform is consisting of a Free Basic account and also Premium Account which has its different features. Also, Paid users can create unlimited custom rules while free accounts are limited to one custom rule. Which also has a simple auto-response feature. However, you can use ProtonMail with a rich-text editor to customize messages with HTML formatting and inline images.

How do I sign up for ProtonMail?

Creating an account with ProtonMail is very easy and you don’t have to share any personal information at all except paying for the advanced premium features. However, having an account with the platform gives you the advantage which the platform maintains and owns its server hardware and network. Which avoids any third party tapping into your email. Here are a few steps on how to Sign up on ProtonMail;

  • Launch any web browser on either your mobile phone or PC.
  • Go to the official website 
  • At the homepage select Signup, then the next page will require you to select either a free plan or Plus plan. Any of this plan chooses to go to the username and domain section. Then enter the username you want to use for your ProtonMail email address.
  • In the password section which you will use to Log in to your ProtonMail account. And optionally a recovery email option, Then select create an account.

How much does ProtonMail cost?

ProtonMail is a secure email service that can also be used for enterprises large and small with their professional plan. Your company can use end-end-encryption for a secure email service. However, this allows you to secure your business communications including your employees. A ProtonMail account basic is free with a high level of Data control, High security, high reliability, and low cost. However, the platform allows its users not to invest in expensive up-front server costs. Also, maintain a legacy system to secure your email. ProtonMail allows it, user, to pay $6.25/month when paid annually and $8/month when paid on a month-to-month basis.

Protonmail Sign up allows you access a lot of amazing features the platform is ready for both free basic and premium services. However, the platform gives every business owner and organization to rest assured with no third party spying your email.