ProtonMail is an end-to-end email service that allows you to send mail to your friend and family around the world with just a Login. However, ProtonMail Login is complete If only you have created an account and have a registered email address and password. Also, the platform is a wide platform for an easy means and secure way to send emails privately and anonymously. With the help of the platform, every email sent the server is email encryption and only you can decipher it. the platform doesn’t offer IMAP or POP access and you cannot send email using your ProtonMail address via SMTP.

ProtonMail Login - Protonmail Account Login

ProtonMail Login allows you to enjoy most of the platform email services which is free except to advanced features. However, you cannot send emails using your ProtonMail address via SMTP. This means ProtonMail cannot be set up in Microsoft Outlook, macOS, Mozilla thunderbird. Also, after ProtonMail Login you can have the platform log all attempts to access your account. With the IP address of each Log-in attempt and turn on authentication logs.

ProtonMail Login Steps

Just like any other normal email service, you need to create an account with the platform before you can cary out the ProtonMail Login steps. Here are a few steps on how to Sign-in into the platform;

  • Launch any web browser on either your mobile phone or PC.
  • Go to the official website 
  • At the homepage select on Sign in which will require you to produce the registered email address and password.
  • Input these details and click on Sign in.

However, the platform serves as a life-saving medium for most business owners. Organizations with the means of securing their mail communication. Also, the platform remains a leader in the secure email space. It also positions its service as one of the most secure email options available.

Does ProtonMail Work With Gmail

After you have set up your ProtonMail addresses you must inform your contacts about your new email change. However, you can quickly migrate your entire Gmail mailbox or the desired emails directly into your ProtonMail account. Also, you can add both your ProtonMail and Gmail accounts and also import your Gmail messages. Simply by dragging them into one of your ProtonMail folders.

ProtonMail is one of the best privacy webmail services made to provide the functionality of ease to use of email services. However, the platform is one of the best email services for business owners and organizations for secure email communications.