Protonmail Sign up for an account does not require much time as it takes only a few minutes to get the account up and ready. However, some users think that the account will take much process and will have much time to take from their subscription. But note it not that Protonmail Sign Up is easy and simple, all you need to do is make sure your android device is connected to a network server or Wi-Fi to enable you sign up for Protonmail account.

Protonmail Sign Up - Free Email Account Sign Up | Sign Up Protonmail

If you are a new user then Protonmail Sign Up is here for you to get started if the do not have an account on the Protonmail Email platform. One thing I love about this platform is that it is open to any user as you can easily enter the URL and then hit the Protonmail Sign Up icon and get on it. Lets take a look at Sign Up process below.

Protonmail Sign Up Process

Protonmail sign up process would be the best sign up process because the app has a very different way for users to sign up. It doesn’t require many details about yourself for Protonmail sign up in as much it a web portal it will only ask for just your login details nothing much. This app could also be use on mobile phones such as, iOS, PC, iPhone to gain access to the account

  • Firstly, open your web browser and search for Protonmail sign up platform page.
  • Click on the signup icon on the webpage and choose the kind of plan you want to use. It either you click on the free plan which doesn’t require any payment. Or you click on the pay plan which requires payment of charges. Because it has more quality features such as large storage, filters, and other features like that.
  • Then your next step should be your username, email address, and password the password must be re-entered again the second time.
  • After you have done all that completely click on the login icon to have access to your Protonmail app.

And if you already had an account just login into the account directly. If you can’t remember your password used for Protonmail sign up you would click on the forgetting my password icon and create a new one to enter your Protonmail app web page. However, those who has not signed up for an account should create an account and sign up for the benefit and free features, they would get from the website page.

How To Create A Free Account

Creating an account for protonmail is free it doesn’t require fees and it doesn’t require much procedure before creating your protonmail account. Note that this is also the Protonmail sign up steps and there is no difference on both the sign up and the free account creation process. All you need is just the plan you wish to subscribe for.

  • Go to the Protonmail sign up page.
  • Then click on the free plan icon to get your protonmail account for free without payment.
  • Enter your username for the protonmail account under the create your account domain page.
  • Next would be your code which is your password put it in the choose your account and confirm it again in the next box under it. Make sure you remember your password so you would be able to forget it.
  • Then to recover your old email account enter your email in the options icon.
  • Then lastly click on the create an account button.

If you already have an account or have completed the Protonmail sign up process just click on the already have an account to sign in.Then on the platform, you would see a warning about your email that you want to recover click on the waring button to confirm.