In our world today, the use of emails has become very common as rather than the use of mailboxes to deliver mail messages, your email addresses can be used. Emails also are said to build communication and help you reach out to people, which includes your family, friends, loved ones, or business partners. There are however so many email services with different email service providers. Some of these email services include Outlook, Gmail, Ymail, ProtonMail, and many more. Aside from the mentioned, another very good and reliable email service is known as QQ mail. QQ Mail is an email service that was created by Tencent QQ alongside other services which include shopping, microblogging, online social games, music, movies, and also group and voice chat software.

Furthermore, according to reports, QQ Mail is one of the biggest email service providers on the internet and also all over the world. Although, the email account is for the Chinese. You do not necessarily have to be a Chinese individual before you can sign up for it.  But note that, most of the information written in the mail is in the Chinese language. This means signing up could be a bit challenging if you stay outside that residence. In addition, the QQ Mail can also be used for your business which you can purchase a premium plan for your business. Aside from that, you can also sign up for free either via the app or the website.

Why QQ Email?

QQ Mail although is commonly used and very popular for creating a personal account. But at the same time, the platform is valid and very safe as according to reports, it has been classified with a low-risk profile. You can choose to use QQ Mail on any of the platforms it is accessible on which is either the app or the website. Both platforms each have many features and benefits you would enjoy as a user of the platform. Some of these benefits include;

  • Get access to emails with enterprise email accounts
  • It enables you manage your emails easily in inbox, group folder, personal folders and other account folders.
  • You would instantly get new email notifications
  • Enables you send photos and files to other email services users of QQ Mail users
  • Preview attachment online or with the app on your mobile device and many more.

Aside from the above-mentioned, the benefits and features are still so many, but only some of them have been listed for you. To discover more, you should explore, visit the website or install the mobile app to sign up for an account. Then you can now get access to all the features and even more.

QQ Mail Sign Up

To sign up for QQ Mail is very easy and more like signing up for any other email service. But you need to install the app which is available for free download to sign up as you can’t sign up on the website. Therefore, you should install the app on your device. Then after that, follow these steps below to process your sign up using the mobile app;

  • Open the app after install is complete
  • Tap on the sign-up button
  • Provide your required information
  • Follow the instructions given to process and complete your sign up

After your sign-up is complete, you can now process your QQ Mail login via the website and also via the app. There are however two ways by which you can process the sign-in. To know them, just read below as they would be stated for you. Then you can choose which you feel is very much easier for you.

QQ Mail Login

QQ Mail login is a process that ought to be taken to have access to your already created account. However, Qq login can be done in two different ways via the website. These two ways include the Qq QR code login and the manual login whereby you have to provide your login credentials. The QR code login requires the use of the mobile app. Therefore, you must install the mobile app. However, for a better understanding, here are steps below on how to process Qq login below;

QR Code Login

  • Visit the Qq login website
  • Click on the login with QR code link
  • Use your mobile app to scan to enter into your account

QQ Mail Login

  • Visit the Login website
  • Provide your login credentials
  • Click on the login button to proceed.

After your login is complete, you can now proceed into your account to send and receive mail and also perform other functions an email account enables you to. With Qq mail, you get to have a secure email. Therefore, start by processing the sign-up to get an account.