You probably must have been hearing about Rakuten but then do not know what it is all about. Relax, as in this article, you would be enlightened on what Rakuten is all about. Firstly, Rakuten is an online retailing company and also an e-commerce platform which is known to be one of the largest in Japanese. Rakuten however offers so many services some of which includes; Rakuten mini, hand, Rakuten card, Raku ten shopping and many more. Also, you also get to receive cashback. But you should note that all these cannot be achieved without first processing the sign up/sign in.

Rakuten - Sign Up Account & Get Started Online with

Furthermore, On Rakuten, you can also make advertisement for your marketing and products which would help attract people from across different borders and platforms of their own digital journeys. With Rakuten advertisement, you reach out to real people, tap into global network and also think and spend in a smart way. How much more when you shop or perform other functions with the platform. There’s really a lot to enjoy when using the Raku ten website. For example; you can become an affiliate marketer, shop different goods and do many more exciting things on the platform.

Rakuten Services

According to reports Rakuten has lots if services it operates. But if counted, these services are about 60-70 of them. and they have actually been divided and distributed into three segments which includes the internet services, FinTech and also the mobile service. Some of these services under these segments includes;

  • Rakuten Ichiba
  • Viber
  • delivery
  • Voyagin
  • Rakuten rewards
  • Kobo Inc
  • Viki
  • Raku ten credit cards
  • Rakuten Tv
  • Raku ten insight
  • Digital wallets
  • Life insurance, and more.

There are still more services which the platform offers. Although it has not been mentioned here. But you can still discover them simply by visiting the website and tapping on the add to chrome or install the mobile app to create an account on Rakuten to start your Rakuten shopping or any other service you want to go into on Rakuten.

How it works

Unlike some other online retail company works in very simple and easy way. And also gives you the privilege to get cashback which is a payment you receive when they get a commission or payment from store after a purchase has already been made by you. Therefore, instead of keeping it for themselves, they share with you as a Rakuten user.

How to Get Started with Rakuten Online

To get started on Rakutin, you have to first Install the Rakuten app on your mobile device or visit the Rakuten website and click on the add to chrome button. After adding to chrome, you can now process the Rakuten sign up using your Facebook, Google or your apple account. follow these steps below to sign up account using any of these accounts and begin your shopping.

Rakuten Sign Up Via Google

  • On the website, click on the continue with google button
  • If you have multiple google account on your device, select which account you would love to sign up with or add a new account.
  • Click on the allow button to allow, the cash back view your email messages, settings and many more.
  • Then you would be taken directly to your Rakuten cashback/shopping account

Sign up via Facebook

  • Visit Rakuten official website
  • Click on the sign-up Facebook
  • Enter your Facebook account information or click on the continue button if your account is already signed up on your device

Sign up via Apple

  • Visit the Rakuten website and click on the sign up with apple
  • Tap on the join now button
  • Select sign up with apple
  • Enter your apple id and password

The apple sign-up is not for everyone as it is only for people who already possess an apple id. However, f you do not have an apple id, you can sign up for Rakuten using either your email or your Facebook account.