Recent tabs – Open the last web page that was closed in Google Chrome
Google chrome is a web browser that enables users to open web pages on the internet. A user can decide to open multiple web pages at the same time using Google chrome. The Multiple pages window on any internet web browser is called tabs. A user can create multiple window at any time whenever the click on the new tab window.Recent tabs

Most times users always have issues with closing close an important tab on Google chrome. Recent tabs settings in Google chrome web browser is a unique feature. Most especially when you want to reopen closed page of a particular webpage you are on.

Recent tabs settings help to restore recently closed webpage.  On Google chrome, you can view a list of recently closed page and also reopen them back. There have been a new change done to enhance the usability of Recent tabs features. User doesn’t have to worry over closed web page as they can easily reopen them.

Recent tabs – How to Open Recent Closed Tabs

  1. Click on the settings icon at the top right side of Google chrome web browser.
  2. Navigate to History on the list of various settings displayed on the drop-down menu.
  3. On the history menu, you see the list of recently closed website click on the one you want to reopen.


By click on any website from the drop down menu automatically opens it’s in a new window. You can also use shortcut access using just the keyboard. By pressing Ctrl + Shift + T key to open Recent tabs. Most users are used to opening just the last closed window which doesn’t have multiple options.

 How To Reopen Last Closed Tab 

  1. Right, click on the tab window on Google chrome.
  2. Navigate to recently closed tab icon on the drop down menu.
  3. Click on recently closed tab icon to open the last web page that was closed.