Recover From iCloud Backup – How to Restore Deleted Files on iPhone

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As an iPhone device user, you are very much familiar with iCloud. Which is a cloud storage and cloud computing service which enables users to store data which includes; documents, photos, music, and also to manage their iOS devices if spoilt or stolen. The essence of iCloud is to help you save documents in case they are lost; they can easily be restored. However, in this article, you would be enlightened on how to recover from iCloud backup. As we all know, as an iOS device user, it is very important to sign up for iCloud to help you save and backup documents getting on the device.

As an iPhone user, you already know the importance of backing up your data from time to time. For years now, iOS users have been depending on not only iCloud but also iTunes. This is to backup files and documents to be able to recover them later. But now due to the poor performance of iTunes, many users of iPhone prefer to use iCloud to back up and restore their docs. Although, recovering data from iCloud Backup is however very simple to do. But it requires a Wi-Fi connection to restore the files. There are easy ways to recover your data from iCloud. But what you might be finding difficult to do is recover your data on your new iPhone device.

How to Restore from iCloud Backup

The process to restore from iCloud back up is made simple with the use of your iCloud account. But there is a difference between restoring the iPhone from iCloud backup to iCloud. It is easy to restore the iPhone from iCloud backup then restore from iCloud. Meaning that your data must have been backed up to your iCloud. Those items that are not backed up to your iCloud backup, there is no way of restoring it. Hence follow the instruction to restore from iCloud backup;

  • Open your iPhone
  • Go to settings
  • Click on general
  • Select reset and click on erase all contents and settings
  • Enter your password and click on erase iPhone
  • When you get to Apps and Data page, tap on the restore from iCloud backup
  • Click on backup to restore

While backing up, do not turn off the Wi-Fi connection. Although, even if you turn it off, when you turn it back on. Your backup would continue from where it stopped. However, if you have gotten a new iOS device and you want to restore your data from your previous iPhone device. See below on how to go about that.

How to Restore Data from Old iPhone to A New iPhone Via iCloud.

Transferring your data from your old iPhone is very easy to do. As long as you have your previous device iCloud login. With that, you can now restore all your files to your new device. But have in mind that you cannot restore data that have not been backup. Here are steps below on how to restore backed up data on your previous device to your new device;

  • Open your old iOS device and go to settings
  • Tao on the name of your account and visit iCloud
  • Click on iCloud backup to activate the feature
  • A message would be sent to you asking you to start backing up your data on iCloud
  • Click on Okay
  • Then turn on your new iPhone device
  • On the Apps and data screen, select restore from iCloud back up
  • Login your own iCloud account and select the backed-up file you want to recover

Follow the onscreen instruction to continue recovering your data. After recovering your data. Then you can now check your new device to see if it has been restored completely to your new device from iCloud.