Rediff News – How to Read Rediff News | Mobile App

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Have you been searching for a platform that provides you access to the latest and trending Indian news? Then, search no further because I have the right and perfect recommendation for you in today’s write-up. You probably would have heard of Rediff which stands out to be an online platform that provides its users with the latest and trending Indian News, Information, and entertainment. On www, you get to read news on what happening in the Business, Sport, Entertainment Industry, and a lot more. However, aside from News, Rediff News also offers other services like Rediffmail, Money, Business Email, Shopping, and Videos.

Over the years, Rediff News has been one of the most trusted and reliable platforms for all online users searching for Indian news Updates on the Business, Entertainment, Sport, and Movies Industries. It is amongst the leading website for Indian News, Interviews, News Specials, News Columns, Hot News topics, and more.  You will find top Indian headlines ranging from different categories like Politics, Finances, technology, Business, and more. In addition, Rediff is free to use and you won’t be required to pay a dime just to read news on the platform. With a platform like this, you will get to experience the simplicity of following News in real-time from India and across the world.

More About News

Rediff News has earlier mentioned is one of the best platforms that provide you with top, latest, and real-time news from India and the world at large. The platform has a simple and user-friendly interface that enables users to quickly locate news to read. In other words, you can easily navigate through the site to find fresh and hot news to read.  Read the news on Rediff is orderly categorized and arranged to enable users to quickly find news based on their interest. As mentioned above these categories include; Business News, Movies News, Cricket, and Sports News.

However, Redif also has a Get Ahead Feature that provides you with news and tips based on Careers, Glamour, Health and Fitness, Finance, Travel, Food, Biking, Gadgets, Relationships, and more. You can keep track of the COVID 19 news and update by visiting the platform. Its services can be accessed via your PC web browser or its mobile app.

The Mobile App

Aside from the Rediff web portal, you can now read and keep track of what happening in India and across the world with the aid of its Mobile News App. The Mobile App is compatible with both android and iOS users and it is completely free to download and use the app. With the mobile App, you can conveniently access all the latest and trending Indian news right from your smartphone.  Read breaking news and top stories from different sections, search for news articles based on topics that interest you. Furthermore, explore its suggested articles, share the news with your friends and families on Facebook, Twitter, and more. To gain access to all these features and a lot more, you can follow the steps and guidelines below to download the app on your device;

  • Open your Google Play or App Store
  • Using the search engine, search for Rediff News and tap on Search
  • Once you see the App icon, click on it
  • Hit on the Install or Get Icon

Finally, once the app has been downloaded, launch and open the Rediff News App on your android or iOS devices.

How to Read Rediff News

You can read any news article on anytime and any day via the web portal or with the aid of the mobile app. However, you will need a stable and strong network connection to successfully access all its content.  Here are the steps and guidelines to follow to read news on the site;

  • Open your computer or PC web browser
  • Visit the official website of Rediff
  • Or download and install the Rediff News App
  • Using the search engine, search for a news to read
  • Or navigate through the homepage and search for news that interest you

Lastly, once you have found a news article that you will like to read, click to open the article and proceed to start reading it. You can follow the steps and guidelines above to read any news article on www