Scholarship Opportunities – How to Apply for Scholarship Online

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Scholarship Opportunities – Looking for a scholarship to study abroad? Well, look no further. In this guide, I will tell you how to apply for a scholarship to further your education at your dream university. Nevertheless, many universities offer a fully-funded scholarships to students who are academically outstanding or students who come from a financially challenged background. Interestingly, the government offers students scholarships while some universities and organizations grant scholarships to students who qualify. Meanwhile, a lot of students get the opportunity to study for free at the university of their choice. Nonetheless, the scholarship covers the tuition fee, health insurance, monthly allowance, and even accommodation fee. So, the student can study without any distraction, since they don’t need to pay any fees.

Furthermore, scholarship opportunities are rare and very competitive. At times the scholarship is awarded to academically exceptional students. Foreigners can also scholarships to study abroad.

Schools that Offer Scholarship Opportunities

Nevertheless, many universities and organizations allow students to study at the university for free through scholarships. Furthermore, some scholarships are granted by the government to cover the tuition fee, health insurance, travel expenses, monthly allowance, and accommodation fee, allowing the student to focus on their studies. Meanwhile, below is a list of universities that gives Scholarship Opportunities:

Gates Cambridge Scholarship:

The university offers fully-funded scholarships to international students. The scholarship is for a student who wishes to study at a Masters’s level and Ph.D. studies. Gates Cambridge Scholarship provides an $18,690 stipend per year. Students get funding for health insurance and academic development for up to $2,000 and get a family allowance of up to $10,890.

Institution: University of Cambridge

Study in: United Kingdom

Level of study: Masters, PhD

KAIST Undergraduate Scholarship:

This university offers fully-funded scholarships to students.  The scholarship is for students who want to obtain their master’s degree. The tuition fee and monthly allowance are covered by the scholarship and the fund is up to 800,000 KRW. The fund includes expenses for travel, medical insurance, and Korean language training fees.

Institution: KAIST university

Study in: South Korea

Level of study: Undergraduate

  • Simmons university Kotzen: the scholarship at Simmons university is fully funded. Amazingly, the grant scholarship to international students and the scholarship is only applicable for undergraduate studies which cover tuition, accommodation fee, and mandatory fee.
  • Institution: Simmons University
  • Study in: United Kingdom
  • Level of study: Undergraduate
  • Fulbright Scholarship: The scholarship is for international students. The fully-funded scholarship is for students who wish to obtain a Master’s degree and a Ph.D. The scholarship covers full tuition fees, living expenses, travel fees, living expenses, and health insurance.
  • Institution: American universities
  • Study in: America
  • Level of study: Masters, PhD

Chinese government scholarship: they offer fully-funded scholarships. However, the scholarship program is for master, and Ph.D. studies and is available in over 280 Chinese universities. Meanwhile, the scholarship covers health insurance, tuition, accommodation, and monthly allowance.

Institution: Chinese universities

Study in: China

Level of study: Masters, Ph.D.

SBW Berlin scholarship:

This university grant scholarship to international students who are from a family that is struggling financially. The SBW scholarship aims to assist young people who studied at the university. To help them acquire certain skills to enhance the non-profit project in their home country. SBW berlin scholarships are for the Masters’s program and Bachelor’s program.

Institution: SBW berlin

Study in: Berlin, Germany

Level of study: Undergraduate, Masters.

Malaysian international scholarship: this scholarship is funded by the Malaysian government to captivate genius from around the world to obtain a degree from any university in Malaysia. The scholarship is for international students who want to study at masters and Ph.D. levels.

Institution: Malaysian universities

Study in: Malaysia

Level of study: Masters, PhD

  • Monash University: the scholarship is fully funded for international students. Additionally, the scholarship is granted for doctoral studies and it covers yearly living stipends of $35,600 and a relocation allowance of over $550.
  • Institution: Monash university
  • Study in: Australia
  • Level of study: Masters, PhD

Scholarship Opportunities Requirement

However, to apply for a scholarship, you need to provide some important documents. Notably, this document is to find out if you are eligible for the scholarship.

  • Provide a letter of recommendation
  • However, you need to provide proof of low income and an official financial statement
  • Provide a letter of recommendation
  • Provide your essay
  • You need to provide proof of exceptional academic performance 

How to Apply For A Scholarship

However, a Scholarship Opportunities application should be easy once you have all the important documents, and knowing the steps to take will increase your chance of getting the scholarship. Meanwhile, I have listed the steps you need to take when applying for a scholarship.

  1. However, to Register for the scholarship: you can visit the university’s official website to apply online. Provide your valid email to get notified of the update of your application
  2. Therefore, check your email constantly to make sure the school sent a confirmation email
  3. Write an essay about yourself. The essay should be concise and straight to the point. You need to captivate the reader’s attention in the first paragraph. A good write-up increases your chance of getting the scholarship
  4. Also, applicants will need to provide proof of your academic achievement. Meanwhile, you need to provide proof of the extra curriculum activities you partake in to prove to the school that you have an interest and passion outside the classroom. Meanwhile, volunteering in environmental services also helps
  5.  Review all your document for errors and send them to the university you are applying for.