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Are you looking for a job in Australia or New Zealand? Now, why not try web platform. is a web platform for both job seekers and employers. This is a group of companies that helps job seekers and employers get the right job opportunities or qualifications the users want. - Australia Jobs, Employment and Marketplace

An information that was sourced from Wikipedia shows that was established in the year 1997. This web platform has it headquarter in Melbourne, Australia. is said to operate across 18countries in the world including Australia and new Zealand. This is a platform that was publicly announced in the Australian Securities Exchange.

What’s on Web Platform

Basically, the web platform is built around job opportunities for both job seekers and employers. If you looking forward to finding a job in Australia or New Zealand try web platform. The web platform is technical builds around job opportunities with various menu options and a search bar for users who are in search of a job. The main menu options are:

  • Job search.
  • $150k+ jobs.
  • Profile.
  • Company reviews.
  • Advice & tips.

These are the available options on the web platform when you lodge in the website. Every user who visits this platform has access to these menu sections. Users should always make sure they enter the web address correctly on the web address section on their web browser.

Search for Job on

Due to the advert place on the web platform on the daily basis.  has made it possible that users can now make use of the job search menu to find a job. There are various way that you can seek for a job on you can either use the job search menu or the $150k+ jobs menu section to find a job. Below is step by step on how to search for a job on web platform.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter the url on the address bar section.
  2. On the homepage, you can either select $150k+ jobs or job search menu.
  3. Once you have clicked on the job search icon on the main menu. You get an option where you need to enter a search keyword.
  4. Enter a keyword in the first field, select any classification on the second field, and enter a state, city or region where you want to get the job.
  5. After you’ve entered your information correctly on the search menu bar. click on seek on the right section of the job search box.

Searching for jobs using the search box has always been easy when you enter the right keyword for the job you are looking for.  Below the search icon, there are more options to help users make a quick search for the right job they are looking for. They are four major categories as All work types, paying $0, $200k+, and listed anytime.

Company Review

One good thing I like about this web platform is that users can get access to read reviews about the company before they apply for a job. This can be done when the user clicks on the company review menu at the right section on the main menu. has made it possible that employees can give testimony and write down reviews on various companies.

This is to give every user who is seeking a job an insight into how the company they want to work for runs. The information you find on the company review section on has trusted information shared by employees. You can find useful information about companies such as:

  • Rating.
  • Overview.
  • Review.

There is also a section on the main menu where you can get advice and tip on various topics. Such as how to ask why you didn’t get the job, How to be influential, and much more. is here to give you the best update on helpful tips on your preferred job. There is also a profile section where you can customize your profile to make it more attractive for employers.